Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Teenagers, ugh.

Oh my word y'all. I am NOT ready, repeat, NOT ready for the craziness that the teenage years are sending me. Let me remind y'all that Maddie is 11 (going on 16) and Ayden is 13 (going on 18). 

I got word that Ayden was participating in some non-acceptable behavior at school. This made my mama heart so, so sad, and also made me realize just how different it might be for them these days. Apparently he was "vaping" (I had to google it) and all I could think was WTF. Seriously?

So, wanting to give him a chance to explain and show him grace as Jesus shows me, I had to figure out quickly how in the world I was going to approach it. 


I picked him up from football and simply asked, "so Ayden, anything you want to tell me?"
I got a story that I wasn't expecting (note made) but finally let him onto what I was referring to. He didn't say much except the initial denial. I followed up with, if you didn't do it, that's fine. However, if I find out you're lying to me, you will lose shooting and drivers training because that means you can not be trusted, and I left it at that. 

We pulled into Meijer and I left him in the car while I ran in with Jaxon...maybe inside the store for 20 minutes or so. When we got back out, his eyes were big as saucers and he was gushing info to me about just trying it, being cool, how sorry he was. 

Instead of being mad at him for initially lying, I told him I was grateful that I could trust him, and thanked him for telling me the truth. Lot's of "moming" on my way home, but I am so, so grateful in this world of kids, mine still has a conscious and knows right from wrong. 

This was just the tip on a very large iceberg I'm sure, but just goes to show me exactly how not ready I am for these teenage years...and I thought the babies were hard. 

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