Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mama's heart exploded today

Oh my word. Today started out like any other day.
Kids off to school.
Emryk wetting my bed.
Dressed, running late and out the door to drop Emryk to preschool.

On our way, I asked the question to the boys...

who loves you most??

Emryk quickly piped up: mom, dad and JESUS!!

This brought a smile to my face when I said, really? Do you know who Jesus is?

and he replied, yes, mama, he lives in my heart. 

BIG sappy smile from mama. Emryk followed this up with, "but where did I come from?"

Cue mild freakout because I am NOT discussing that with a little 3 year old, I explained to him how mommy and daddy prayed for him, and God loaned him to us to take care of on earth. That he is not only our son, but God's son, and he is so deeply loved. 

His response was a smile and an I love you mama. 
This kid y'all. He melts my heart daily, and I am so grateful and blessed to be his mama. 

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