Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Maddie & Moe

So, for years, I've been know to my kids as the "mean" mom. Not only because they have rules and no video games, but because every holiday or birthday when they get money, I make them put HALF in their savings account.
My mom blessed me growing up with the importance of saving, spending responsibly, paying bills first. I would like to think SHE is the reason that my credit score is where it is. THANK YOU MOM. 
Since Maddie could walk and talk, she's always been a "horse" person. When she was 3, she got the Giddy up and Go pony that you could actually ride. Since then, every birthday cake, most of her books, the games she plays...all revolve around horses. 
4 years ago for Christmas, Maddie got 3 "riding lessons" from my sweet friend Nicole. What we didn't foresee happening was Nicole falling and breaking her wrist so after her first lesson, we weren't able to finish. Then, I met someone with a horse that offered Maddie some riding lessons and I though PERFECT. Let's do this.
Fast forward a few years and Maddie has been riding Moe for a few years now. Y'all, they are so, so cute at shows. My most favorite memory of them currently is when we dressed them up for Halloween. You will never find a cuter Rainbow Bright and Starlight. Ever. See for yourself. 

So, when Miss Jen told me that she was selling her horses to help prepare for the upcoming birth of her child, my heart sank. I am not a horse person. Not that I don't like them, because I do love this big guy, I'm just completely out of my element and am clueless. After much consideration and prayer, I decided that I would let Maddie make the decision on purchasing Moe. She would have to spend HER money (which ironically was nearly what Miss Jen was asking for him) and she will be responsible for any extra costs associated with him. Y'all. This girl walked into the bank, learned how to make a with drawl, made a plan on chores she can do to earn extra money and handed Miss Jen the money for him. My mama heart was so proud of her. I honestly can not wait to watch them ride this summer and for many years to come. 

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