Monday, January 30, 2017

Bye bye OAK!

So, I'll be updating more along the way on our decision to move and our new home adventures. I wanted to have a space where I could also remember what this home looked like when we moved in and all the changes we've made along the way!!!

My first project that could NOT wait was taking care of the oak that had invaded this home. Seriously. You could tell that it was built in 2003 because it had oak EVERYWHERE. I'm not even kidding.

One thing I've never had and always wanted was a staircase. This home has a beautiful oak staircase, but it definitely did not match my decorating style. 

I ordered some General Finishes Gel Stain in Java Color and picked up some foam brushes. I started with the railings and floor boards. I didn't worry about sanding too much (I did a little but nothing extreme) and got to work. The Gel stain is think and easy to apply with a foam brush. A little tricky to get it "even" however. I'm not going to lie, I think it took 3-4 coats for it to look not brushed, and it needed a LOT of drying time in between coats. Looking back, it was way easier than the spindles, and I love the rich Java color. 

After allowing roughly a week for the dark process, I took a quick weeklong break to put shiplap up. I'll be posting about that in an upcoming post :)
However, it was then time to tackle the spindles. Y'all. What a chore. 
Because I didn't want to sand the spindles, I decided to go the route of another Gel Stain product. This time I picked up Old Masters Pickling White Gel Stain . This time, I had to tape off the Java colored part. In my next life, remind me to invent an easy tape solution for people who are painting spindles. Again, it took 4 coats (and to be honest, I probably could have/should have done another) and lots of drying time. While is was a giant pain in the butt, the results are completely worth every second it took me to do it. 

So. SO. Worth. it. 

High wall paint color: Revere Pewter
Shiplap Color: White Dove

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