Monday, May 14, 2012

Borgess Run for the health of it 1/2 marathon Race Report

Wow. I can't believe that I haven't posted since December. While it seems so long, I have a list of excuses a mile long, but I'll give you the short version! After the crazy holiday season/wedding season, I started training for the kalamazoo marathon. After 3 long runs, I developed severe pain in my left foot. Sadly the dr told me I had a stress fracture. I went to the orthopod and he wasn't convinced, but I got put in a walking boot:( Big Boo...even bigger because I was on my way to Vegas that weekend for a girls weekend! Oh so so sweet husband dazzled up my walking boot since I had to shelve not only my running shoes but my oh so cute glitter heels:( Here are some of my most fave pics from Vegas:)
Upon arriving home, I had an MRI and they still weren't sure about the fracture, but I had peroneal tynosynovitis. SIGH! I just wanted to ditch my boot so badly in time for Kalamazoo and my honeymoon to Mexico! Good grief. Instead, I rocked my boot to Nashville/Mexico/Atlanta where I spent 9 glorious days with my husband and some old and new friends!! Here are some of my most favorite shots from that trip:
When I got home from Mexico, I started physical therapy. The marathon that I had been training for was obviously shelved, but I decided to walk the half marathon. I really wanted my stinking medal. So I got it:) Race Report: We met up with Colleen, Sami and Nicole for pre-race dinner at Mongo. My most fave! Colleen was preparing for her first ever marathon (this is who I was supposed to be running with) and I was so so excited for her!! we headed over to the EPIC gang carb load, said hi, caught up with old friends and called it a night. We arrived to race start and did the usual. This course is my most favorite and has a special place because it was my first ever race. We snapped some pics and headed to the start line. Honestly, I didn't know how long it would take me to walk that far. AND I got some really strange looks as I limped over to the start line, but honestly I didn't really care. I would have given nearly anything to run this race. The weather was PERFECT and the energy was AMAZING!!! AND WE ARE OFF... I started out walking a brisk pace. I'm took me 8 minutes just to walk a half mile. This is going to take forever. Just after mile 1 I saw Jen from Redhead running. As I went to high school with her I stopped and chatted for a minute and she snapped a picture which I'm so thankful for!!
After the first mile, it became a game. Can I catch the people in front of me? There was one girl ahead and her shirt was just out of focus but I really wanted to know what it I kept walking with an occasional giddy up to try and catch her. When I did I was surprised to said "my water broke, but my spirit hasn't"...yep, she was 39 weeks prego and running the half. Sweet! Someone as crazy as me! we chatted for awhile, and then I lost her:( It was a total different experience because I really got to take the course with people, make friends...pretty awesome. Here are a few race pics that aren't my fave but they will do:)

This would be during my giddy up towards the end. I was ready to be done. My husband ran his second half and came back to walk me in the last mile. I love that in my finishing pics he is right in the background <3 this. Awesome! My finishing time 2:58:20 Not too shabby for a brisk walk! We waited around texting Colleen trying to encourage her as she became a marathoner. I couldn't help by cry like a baby when she finally crossed the finish line. Such a proud mama and so so happy for her! After snapping some pics, we headed home to grab the monkey!

I still love that race and can't wait until next year to run it again. I can't wait until I can actually get rid of this boot and start running again...the countdown is on...3 weeks to go! Hope everyone is great! Now get out there and GYRO!! and run an extra mile for me:) Thanks!


Missy said...

Way to go Erika! That's amazing!

Colleen said...

ahhhh! you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your boot amaze me! Thanks for being in Kzoo :)

Colleen said...

ahhhh! you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your boot amaze me! Thanks for being in Kzoo :)

Christine said...

Wow, I can't believe you walked a half in a boo0t in less than 3 hours! You are hard core!!! Hope you are back running soon!

Redhead Running said...

Girl you are one helluva a trooper! I can't believe you walked that! Keeping my fingers that you get the clearance to ditch the boot soon.