Tuesday, September 6, 2011

North Country Trail Run Race Report

My first trail run was AMAZING!!!!
There's lots to tell, but I'm going to keep it simple with lots of pictures because they tell a story:)
Nicole, Sami and I headed out on an epic adventure. About 2 hours into our ride we stopped numerous times looking for a supermarket, only to have some people look at us like we were from another planet. (Did I mention that up north Michigan is kind of like another country?) we also had a lady tell us that they possibly sold pasta salad from the deli section in the freezer aisle. Really? We found our pasta and some beer and headed out again. When we arrived to our camp site, we cracked open some beer and started setting up our tent. Leave it to 3 somewhat high maintence chics to bust this bad boy out in less than 15 minutes. Since we were the first people there, the guy that lives there came out with a beer to see if he could help and thought it was pretty cool that we already had it set up:) hell ya, ladies!

did I mention that our tent was the biggest on the block?? heheh
After our tent was set up, of couse we had to set out race gear and prep by having spa night to paint our nails to match our race outfits...I seemed to be the only one who didn't know what fetch meant, but I think our nails were fetch?!?

We woke up race morning and all headed to the start line...here's out EPIC crew before the big race

At the start of the race, we all had to write out goal times on a block of wood, then throw them into the fire...my goal time was 3 hours...I've never ran that far on a trail and honestly had no idea what to expect. Before long and after cheering on our fellow ultra and full marathoners, us halvies toed the start line and we were off.

By the 2nd mile in I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe...I may have even been snorting. By mile 6, I wasn't laughing quite so hard, especially when I came upon this hill...

But we were still trying to have fun along the way...

Towards the end of the race, Nicole took a spill and we slowed down for a few...but by the end we realized that we could finish under 3 hours if we picked up the pace. With our last 2 miles being under 10 min miles, we crossed the finish line in 2:55:57
And guess what...we got medals AS BIG AS OUR FACE! That's right. Nicole and I took a picture with them right afterwards and you should check out the North County Website and see if you recognize anyone...oh, you might not be able to make out our features, but that's miss nicole and I hiding behind those GIANT medals!!! HAHAH!

We had a great time at the cookout then, eating yummy burgers, pudding shots and lots of summer shandy. Seriously, it was the most epic adventure that I've been on in a long time with racing friends...so much, in fact, I registered for next years race today!!! Now, regroup and 5 weeks until Chicago!!! Whoot whoot! Any of you running Chicago?


Michael said...

I have yet to do a trail race, but I think it sounds like a ton of fun. That's the biggest medal I have ever seen!

Nicole said...

ahhh so much fun with you! i need one last race as a chamberlain! where we going???

Johann said...

I absolutely love this! Super race, well done! I'm camping this weekend for my 50k mountain run. I run most of my trail races "out of the tent". Awesome!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Trail races look like a lot of fun! Glad you girlies did us females proud!

Missy said...

Woohoo! What fun, looks like a blast! Good job Erika!

Jordan said...

Hey look I'm in a couple of those pictures!!!! haha Such an awesome weekend!