Friday, July 1, 2011

Physiospect and my meeting with my trainer...

Happy Friday Folks!!
I had a pretty eventful week of meetings that included a body scan and a meeting with my trainer~
I started with a body scan called physiospect and it looks like this:

You put these ear phones on and it "scans" your body. Here's what the Internet says about the scan:
The Physiospect, a noninvasive diagnostic and therapy treatment system,
using an infrared scanner and electromagnetic headphones, is the most
revolutionary computer programmed invention available in the world today
for analyzing and treatment of all the bodies organs and functions.
This device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level.

It's pretty cool to watch as it beeps and flashes pictures that look like this:

Before the scan starts, you fill out paperwork that asks about your concerns.
Some of my questions and concerns included:
-why do I have ligament/tendon tears (2 rotator cuff surgeries before I'm 30 is unheard of!)
-why do I exercise a ton and gain weight?
-why am I tired. all. the. time.

After my scan was complete, he went back and rescanned my concerned areas. He said that overall, I am a very healthy individual. He gave me these vitamins to address my "problem areas"

Most of my problems are centered around how my body digests carbs and the types of carbs I eat. Sigh. I can't help it that I love carbs and not the good ones! He says that I should carb load with veggies (yuck!) and that I should try not to eat so many simple sugars and breads/pastas. Insert sad face here. I'm working on it, but it's a challenge for sure. When I eat so many carbs, I have an over abundance of acids which tend to "pile up" in my joint areas and my body breaks down faster than I can build it up which causes the tears. My fatigue comes from my blood sugar dropping though out the day, and the vitamins I got help me to maintain my glucose levels throughout the day. He also gave me a vitamin for "adrenal complex" to help me maintain levels.
After I left his office, I went and met with Matt from OPS to discuss setting up a training/speed plan for me to hit my 4:30 mark. He says we can get there, but that it's going to take lots of work. I'm saying bring it. We are going to do strength workouts Tuesday/Thursdays and speedwork Fridays. I had my first strength workout yesterday and I feel like I'm 80 years old. My butt hurts. Our circuit included:
band walks: abduction/straight legs/knee ins
lunges: lunge walks fwd/retro/sideways lunges
cardio: box jumps/quick steps/sideways jumps
abs: 6 inch holds/crunches/wipers/v crunches
No wonder I'm dying today, and I have a speed workout at 3:30. It's going to be fab! I guess:)

I'm planning on hanging out for most of the weekend and enjoying our warm weather...I'm headed out for my first trail run tomorrow with the EPIC running there anything I should know about trail running??
What are you doing for the 4th??


Missy said...

Ok seriously carb load with veggies...what the heck is that about?! I'm with you, I love carbs, pasta yum! I am a sucker for macaroni and cheese! lol Good luck, hopefully the vitamins will help!

Christine said...

Wow, that Physiospect sounds very interesting!!! I have some digestion issues as well and can't figure it out what it is. This might help. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

kaydi327 said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about your carb issues. That is no bueno. The physiospect sounds really neat though- how cool to have such a specific knowledge of your body!

As for trail running- I've only done it a few times and run one trail race- my pace was a lot slower and watch out for branches! I fell during the race and my friend also fell and really hurt her ankle!

Katie @

Cari Mugz said...

I dont do very well with carb either.. totally make me TIRED. It is hard! But I don't carb load with veggies... I still haven't figured that out.. so if you do let me know!

Colleen said...

Wow, the Physiospect sounds crazy neat.

That def sucks about the carbs! I agree with Missy, who wants to carb load with veggies!

I am super excited about your training for Vegas! You will rock it!

Molly said...

wow, that's very interesting!

I love trail running, all I can say is just watch where you place your feet, sometimes roots/rocks pop up at you.

Karen said...

That is SO interesting! It's amazing how far technology has come!! :0) Glad he had some advice for you but so sorry it wasn't "good" advice...I like my breads and sugars as well! lol

cinico blu said...

I apologize for my bad english...i'm italian! About Physiospect, I don't understand if is a program for the pc or an electronic machine who have your trainer... So, if I want to scan my body with this physiospect, what can I do? Where is possible to find? In the Physiospect site I have not understud... please, do you have the patience to help me to understand? Thank you very much... Luigi