Sunday, July 24, 2011

24 days, really?

Has it really been 24 days since my last post. Geesh.
Sorry that I've been such a blog slacker. Life has seriously been crazy, and with summer in full swing, I haven't had much time to be on a computer unless I'm editing pictures:/
I have a new favorite...trail running! Much harder than running along a road, but so so fun! I met with the EPIC running group a few weeks ago at Yankee Springs and last week I met Miss Sami near Chelsea.
Here's a few pics of our pace group at Yankee Springs. Around 3 miles in the trail opened up to a really pretty lake and we had to take the opportunity to pause and enjoy the sights for a few minutes:)

On a workout note, I'm back to kickboxing which makes me happy, happy, happy!!! Oh how I've missed my most favorite cross training activity:) I've also been super consistent with my trainer speed/strength workouts, and it's been pretty awesome. It's mostly high school kids on treadmill days (speed workouts) and last week some kid asked what school I went to...bhahahah! I replied, well my kids go to JPS:) Really, confused me for a high schooler. Now, that's funny! Fridays speedwork I ended my session with 10 second sprints at 14-14.5 MPH. Yep, hauling ass. I slightly felt like death and amazing all at the same time.
I think I've decided on running the Grand Rapids Full in October and the Vegas half, only so I can really enjoy my time while I'm out there. I still have time to think about it before the price increases, so we'll see how it unfolds.
I hope everyone is doing well and braving the heat to get their runs on:)


kaydi327 said...

I've gone long periods of time without posting too- it happens! :) I love trail running- there's just this added element that makes the experience even more fun. Maybe it's also because you can't really worry about time because you are definitely going to be slower! Enjoy your runs!
-Katie @ Legally Fit

Colleen said...

I was super excited to see a post from you! I am glad you are getting back to kick boxing! I may join you one of these nights!

Also, the Grand Rapids marathon is the same day as Detroit, and also Christa will be running a marathon in China that day, so I will be thinking of you guys running your fulls while I knock out my 2nd half :-D said...

there you are!!!! missed you :)

LOVE grand rapids. you will too. although, don't be surprised by the hills at the beginning and the small rollers at the end. it's not flat. although miles 13-21 are. save a little for the end. oh, i'm so jealous. i love that race :)

Keri said...

Love the pic of your running group! And your blog :)