Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hall of Fame to Notre Dame Race Report

Well, for those of you reading who have been following my blog, a few posts ago I posted about my worst race ever. That would be the Sunburst Hall of Fame to Notre Dame 2010, my second half ever last summer.

When my friends called and asked if I wanted to go back to Notre Dame this year, I was like "no way"...but I eventually gave in and decided to go. I mean, it couldn't be any worse than last year right??

I headed out Friday after work with some friends from the Epic Running Club. We arrived at the expo, grabbed our packets and checked into our hotel. Um...hotel room, clean, area we are in SCARY! Regardless, we hit back up the same Italian restaurant which was exactly as delicious as I remembered it being:) YUM!

That night, I didn't sleep well. The marathon started at 6 and a few of our group were running, so when they got up at 4, I heard them...and then had trouble falling back asleep. I finally woke up at 5:30 and we all started getting around. I found out a few days before this race that one of my old PTA classmates was coming in town to run this race, so we decided to meet up so she could run with us. When we pulled into the parking ramp, we parked in the same spot and realized that the sun was rising exactly like year and we needed a sweet picture again!

Lining up for the start we realized...shit. It's hot. Just like last year. The four of us decided we were going to try and run solid 10s the whole time. At 1/2 mile in, we were already dripping wet. It was seriously deja vu. Good grief. But Tonya and I just laughed and kept running. Stopped at every water stop. By mile 4, I had to go to the bathroom. Bad. Shit. I'm gonna loose my group. Oh well, can't help it. Out of the potty and on with my run. I pass Tonya in the "run down a road, around a cone and back out" and am thinking I should be able to catch her. I pick it up for a mile, only to race back to the potty again. My stomach was not loving this 95 degree weather. I felt tired. Hot. The heat was unforgiving. I was really looking forward to mile 11 because I knew Jiggby from the marathon widows would be there. Mile 11 came and went...and no Jiggby, I was so sad! Then comes the 2 big hills and I was feeling so defeated when I came around the corner and there SHE WAS!!! YEA JIGGBY! She even snapped a few pictures of me (can't you see how happy I am to see her!)

She hooked me up with a gatorbomb and smile and I was off again. It's amazing what a little love can do for the mental aspect of your run! The last mile is always a mess. There were half marathoners, marathoners, 10 k runners and walkers all merging together into a big mess. Did I mention we were running into the sun on brand new black asphalt with NO shade. WTF people! I decided that I would start interacting with the crowd more and maybe that would make the time pass. There were a group of little girls around 6-8 and they were holding their hands out for high fives. I took a small time out and asked them to make me a tunnel so I could run through it...it brought smiles and laughs to hot spectators as well:)
My finish time 2:30:10.
Not great, but 6 minutes faster than I ran this course last year.
After all of our group finished, Jiggby snapped a group shot

and we headed back to the room. Once we got on the highway home, we found out that the race had been black flagged an hour after we finished running. I've never been to a race that had actually been called due to heat. Tonya was checking every one's official chip times when we couldn't find Timmis's time. WTH? Um...Notre Dame must have something on Timmis...we told him to check his shoe and make sure his tag was still there. This is what he discovered...

Do you see his EPIC mistake??


Overall it was a good time with good friends, but I SWEAR I will never run that race again!

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Enjoy the finally warm weather!


Christine said...

6 minutes improvement is huge !! Good job in doing it again!!

Johann said...

Well done! By the looks of it you had lots more fun than last year.

B.o.B. said...

congrats on facing your race demon....even if it was still hot as hell. lol!

Missy said...

Oh wow! good for you for running in ths heat!
I give you total props!
Congrats on another race!

Cari Mugz said...

Whooo Hoo glad you faced it and went back!! 6 minutes is AWESOME!!!