Thursday, May 5, 2011


days that is until until I get to reenact this picture from last year. I'm nervous. excited. cautiously optimistic.

I keep telling myself NOT to set high expectations because I haven't trained. I had my highest mileage week last week at 30 miles with my long run of 10 on Friday. Until that, my mileage for the entire month of April was 30 miles. Good grief:)
But this race not only marks my first race of the season, but my one year Runniversary. That's right. I've managed to stick with it for an ENTIRE year. Minus taking a small break after my first (and only for now, I will redeem myself!) marathon and this small break for recovery from surgery, I've been consistently running. Damn straight.
Since I've started tracking my miles on Daily Mile, I've managed to log 600.23 miles (and I know there are more that I didn't record). For a girl who started off thinking running was a form of self punishment, I'd say that's pretty impressive...not to mention that most running I did before that was to get my bowl of ice cream out of the freezer or to steal a good deal on a cute pair of shoes:)
Hell, I've managed to run 3 half marathons, a full marathon and a handful of random 5, 8 and 10k's as well. It's been such a self discovering journey and I've managed
to build a self confidence that I never knew I had.
Last summer (my first summer of racing) was honestly one of the best of my life! I made SO many new friends, saw some pretty incredible places and racked up a hearty appetite for health and fitness.

I mean, I work in the field, and I've always liked working out, but running has somewhat changed me as a person. Last summer was the first summer in awhile that I didn't spend my weekends drinking and eating my face off...quite the opposite actually. Or maybe I did and just didn't notice the extra beer gut because of all the calories burned. Regardless...after a trying winter and spring season, my body is missing the exercise and life style that I worked so hard for last year. I didn't think I would miss my training sessions like I am. let me tell you.
Even the past few weeks since I've laced up my kicks, I'm realizing that I'm still soft and need work. I need to get back to my strength training with my performance coach. I need to get back to kickboxing. I need. I need. I need.
Running alone, as much as I love it, just isn't going to cut it. especially since this body is about to roll over the time click to a new decade (sigh) and my metabolism is already trying to take a nap:)
I'm totally pumped for another season of running, training and figuring out a diet that will work for me.
As far as my race this weekend goes...this course, while being my first half, was my fastest half. I'm not sure how I managed to be sooo speedy on this run last year, and boy it sure would be nice to surprise myself and shave a little time off, but I know I need to be realistic. AND I remember that damn hill at mile 7. Sigh.
So for now, I'm going run easy, carb it up and save my shit for Sunday.
See you on the flip side of 13.1!


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

How great to come full circle and be doing a repeat race! I love to run races year after year. Not always for a new course PR mind you but there is something about the challenge of running a familiar course and the posibility of PRing. Knowing you were able to do it once, will you have that same day again this time around.

How exciting! No matter the pace, enjoy reliving the event.

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on a flippin fantastically productive first year of running--awesome! Good luck and have a blast at your half.

Morgan said...

Good luck this weekend chica! Just settle in to a comfortable pace, enjoy the miles, soak up the fanfare, and know that you'll be back to 100% soon enough! For now a fun run should be all about that, FUN and how could you not have fun rocking those outfits?!?!?

Nicole said...

i love the new blog look and i LOVE you! and i love our adventures and im so happy your in my life. you seriously mean the world to me!

Colleen said...

ERIKA! I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK! I love it so much it deserved to be in all caps.

You are a true inspiration to me missy! Thank you for running ;-)

You will rock it out this weekend. YOU FREAKING GOT THIS.

PS: You don't ever have to run alone if you don't want to! Call me anytime!

Missy said...

Love the new banner! You are super awesome and congrats on your runnerversary!

Karen said...

Your story is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing...600 miles is freakin awesome! Great job! Hope the race this morning went well!