Monday, April 11, 2011

Where did that month go??

Oh my! I can't believe that I've been MIA for almost a month! It seems crazy, but I've been kind of takes twice as long to do anything when you've only got one wing working!!
I see the dr next week and can't wait to get out of this sling and back on my feet! I have back to back half marathons coming up, and if I don't get moving soon, it will for sure be a shit show! Well...I know it's going to be a shit show, but hey, I'm doing it for fun! I'm also excited that my bestest RB ever has decided to switch from the fulls to the halfs with me, so I'll have company along the way. I'm thinking of taking a video camera and making the most hilarious movie ever...hmmmm. Will have to see how it works out!

So...what do you do when you're stuck at your house?? I've been doing some reorganizing and sorting...and it's been decided. I have way to much stuff. Do you need anything? Bathroom sets, sheets, clothes, random cups, dishes, pillows, picture frames? I'm about to throw it all away. Let me know, I'll send it to you....:)

Last week over spring break I decided to load up the car and head to Florida for the week. It was pretty last minute, but I found a great deal on a hotel...the best part you may had a kitchen and washer and dryer so I came home with no dirty clothes and I didn't have to waste money on food! Double WIN!!!
We basically did nothing excpet hang out by the pool except for one day we loaded up and went to Sea World. The kiddos had so much fun!! They got to feed and touch the dolphins and seals...and touch the sting rays! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip...

I also got to visit one of my friends from college and meet her 2 monkeys...thanks Ashley, that was so much fun catching up!

I'm supposed to be running an 8K this weekend...but I'm not exactly sure how that is going to work out...I'm considering running in the sling...hmmm. We will see.

Good luck to all the runners out there tackling Boston and all the other races!!


Emz said...


best family destination - ever!!

Love the pictures!!

Nicole said...

glad your home!!! i miss you!!!

bobbi said...

sounds like you've been crazy the vacation pics - looks like so much fun!

Missy said...

Welcome back! You have been missed! Good luck with 8k, if you put your mind to it, you can do it!

Colleen said...

So happy to see a new post! We need to hang out soon.

Also, we are having a garage sale on 5/21. If you can wait until then to get rid of stuff, you are welcome to join us!

Karen said...

Oooh a hilarious video! That sounds awesome! Would love to see that!! :0) Good luck with the 8K!