Saturday, March 5, 2011

Howdy from TUCSON!!!

Isn't it amazing what a little sunshine can do for a person??
I just got in from an amazing 3 mile jog with a new running buddy...and did I mention I'm in Tucson?? No gloves, no hat, no thing over my face so I can breathe...


I'm here on business and while it's always hard to leave the monkeys...sometimes it's really nice to just do whatever you want. I checked into my hotel last night after another round of delayed flights, but I think the view is pretty awesome!

I had mentioned to people at home that I was really excited because it looked like this place had a trail to run...and everyone freaked out about me running alone. Point taken. So, during class when the teacher mentioned to another girl, "well, you're a runner, you know this..." I thought...bonus! Running Friend!

After class we decided we would take a little stroll around the trail and it was so nice! Look at the view of the mountains! (It may be a little blurry, but it's hard to run and take pictures at the same time!!)

And while running I discovered a ROSS, so I'm about to hit the showers, shop for a bit and then head to dinner with my new friends!!

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

What is your favorite place to run or vacation?


Christine said...

Beautiful pictures and a running buddy, sounds like the perfect business trip to me :) Enjoy!!

Nicole said...

Miss you!

Be safe sis!


Missy said...

Looks beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Colleen Pitmon said...

Looks awesome! I am super jealous of the warm weather!! :) Glad you are having fun!!!

jess said...

Nice job getting a run in, in beautiful weather!!!! Enjoy it :)

Teamarcia said...

I love Tuscon! Enjoy it.

Karen said...

How nice! Your hotel looks awesome...and those! Glad you made a running friend! :0)