Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday...and Maddieisms

Today I am so confused. It's felt like Monday all day. Probably from not working yesterday, but, eh, at least tomorrow's Friday!
As soon as I get paid tomorrow, I will be registering for Cleveland so it will be official. Whoot whoot for maniac status!

Today I had my arthrogram MRI on my shoulder. Please everyone cross your fingers that my shoulder is just fine...otherwise, it could really hamper my training:/

That being said, I didn't run today because I'm tired and grouchy and my arm hurts. I know, whine, right, but instead, I'm drinking a glass of wine and watching a NEW gray's! Finally!

Otherwise, I've been doing pretty well with training.

Speaking of races...I'm kind of torn. I was talking with my mom today how I really want to run Chicago and New York...and while I put my name in for NY, I won't know until what, March? And I'm worried that by then Chicago may be full and I could potentially lose out on both races. But..will I really have time and $ to train and run both races? They are both kind of pricey and I would have travel expenses...
and guess what. I was working with a patient who owns his own company and we were talking about running...and he said, "well, why don't I sponsor you to run?" Seriously? Um...a chance to run both and for a cause?? Wouldn't I be crazy not too?? So I'm researching how sponsorship works and what it entails.

And I'm guessing I may be signing up for all 4 potentially:)

I'm leaving you with a hilarious story from a 5 year old. If you are sensitive or easily offended, please stop reading.

Last week, my mom watched the monkeys while I was at work. She always cooks fish for dinner on Friday (I think she missed the memo that it's not Lent yet:) But anyways, my oh so sweet 5 year old was sitting on the kitchen counter watching her cook dinner...

Maddie: "Grandma, it smells like VAGINIA in here!!"
My mom trying not to die: "No Maddie, that's fish. See, I'm cooking fish for dinner."
Maddie: "No grandma, that's vaginia."

hahahahahaha. Seriously, it's become a joke in our family. How is a 5 year old so smart???

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Andrew Opala said...

Ah yes, those comments are great!

We had Victoria (age 4) excuse herself from the table at Thanksgiving (with the families of two of my business partners seated) because her "vagina was itchy!".

Then another time, we had Caroline (age 6) talking to Grandma, that Dad said "your face looks like a Monkey's Butt"

bobbi said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Love it!

I hope your shoulder's ok...and how cool would it be to run Chicago AND NY?!?!

Nicole said...

did you tell madd that only dirty vagina's smell like fish? LOL

Sarah said...

Miss Moe is so funny! Wise beyond her years!


Missy said...

Wow kids definitely say the craziest things! lol

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha omg I just died! that is so randomly hilarious!

looks like your taking becoming a maniac to the next level! that would be an awesome oppourtunity to get sponsored. NYCM has my marathon heart besides SF and it's so worth every penny!

jess said...

hahhahahahhahahaha your little girl is hilarious!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for your shoulder!!!!

the dawn said...

so many marathons!!! that is so exciting!

Karen said...

Hope your shoulder is ok!! :0) Yay for Maniac Status!

Molly said...

oh my god, your daughter is hilarious!

four races??? Next thing we know you'll be signing up for an ultra!