Monday, January 24, 2011

Broadcasting from the couch :)

I'm excited to say that I finally have Internet!!! YEA!! I'm so stoked, and I've been so busy, but I'm taking some time tonight to say just how excited I am!
And I've been working out like crazy...which has been pretty awesome!
This week, so far:
Sunday: 3 miles in my new workout room!!
Monday: lunch time 1.5 mile run/core workout total 30 minutes
Monday night: 45 minutes of kickboxing

I have planned...
Tuesday: core/strength training with performance coach
Wednesday: core/strength training with performance coach 3 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 9 miles

Running has been somewhat of a struggle...I really want to get outside. I need to get outside. I know I sound lame, but I really hate the cold. Training has been a struggle. I have officially signed up for Kalamazoo, and I REALLY want to run Nashville, but some things have come up and I'm not sure I will be able to travel/run/afford it which is extremely disappointing. If anyone knows of a closer race that we can run either the week before or week after May 8th, please let me know!!

I have a ton of pictures to post from the holidays for the extended family, and lots of hilarious stories, but right now I want to venture around and check in with some bloggy friends!

See you tomorrow:)


Christa said...

Grand Rapids has the 25K the weekend after - it isnt a marathon but it would give you a nice 15.5 mile race.

Johann said...

You remind me again why I am so grateful that I can run outside all year round. Enjoy your training!

Nicole said...

woot woot! love the look... except that pic of me is AWFUL..... le sigh

teacherwoman said...

It's been a while since i have been around, so I love the new blog look!

the dawn said...

yay for internet!!!!

you could check out, that's where i troll for races to add to the calendar.

Molly said...

whoo hooo, gotta love blogging from the couch!

you won my pain patch giveaway, so shoot me an email with your address when you have a sec.

: )