Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing but words Wednesday :) and 2 pictures!

Holy smokes. Only 10 days until Christmas! really?? Lucky for me, Santa Nicole came over on Monday night and helped me to wrap ALL of my presents. Yep. I'm lucky. And I'm so excited!! Christmas is my most favorite time of year because I LOVE to give people presents!! It's nearly killing me that I haven't given my monkeys their gifts yet!
Speaking of gifts...I really want to share this with you! One of my coworkers makes animal/sport shaped blankets. Really, I think she could make you anything you wanted, but
Genny has an Etsy shop and asked me if I could take some pictures of my monkeys with her blankets. Sure! So I pulled them out one day and Maddie fell in LOVE with the butterfly. Like, I couldn't rip it from her if I tried. I was laughing and told Genny about it later and she said if I picked up some fabric she could make me a silky butterfly for miss Moe. really, because that would be like, the best thing in the world to my little monkey. Look at this SUPER cute blanket she came up with!!

I can not WAIT for Maddie to open this gem! She's going to flip! Check out Genny's shop for sure cute custom made blankets and such!

As far as my December resolutions go, I've been kicking some serious ass. I've done amazingly well about limiting my soda's (minus on Sundays when I seem to have a slight headache) and I've been hitting up cardio kickboxing and working out with Nick. We're going to push real hard on the strength training and mix in speed work in about a month. Training for the next big race starts in 3 weeks, and I'm pumped. I watched the finale of the biggest loser and I'm going to throw it out there that I want to beat that chic's marathon time. 4:43 I believe it was...and that was with a 6 minute bathroom break. I usually don't like stating goals out loud because I'm afraid of failure, but I feel like if I say it, then I have to answer to people, so I better get my butt in gear!!

Oh, and I almost forgot to introduce you to a somewhat new member of our family. Please say hello to Super Buddy!

This cute little elf usually shows up after Thanksgiving and hangs around until Christmas Eve. He has a nightly duty to report to Santa, so the kiddos have to be on their very best behavior. Last night, he was a little naughty and ended up eating some cereal...guess he was hungry:) The kids love him, and it's awesome that Santa sends a letter via Buddy when good things/bad things happen for reinforcement...and also to remind the monkeys of the TRUE meaning of Christmas:)
Wow...this could be the most random post ever! I'm hitting it so I can check out some of your blogs! I hope you are all having an amazing week!


Karen said...

Elf on a shelf! Too cute! :0) Love the blankets! Adorable!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

that butterfly is beautiful!

I love the Santa reporting elf! Great idea.

Nicole said...

Thank gosh for santa Nicole! ;-) I hope you aren't getting sick!! :-( love you!

the dawn said...

you are so good! i have some presents bought, but nothing is wrapped yet. i'm so lame!

love your elf on the shelf! fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE giving presents too! It's the best feeling when you see something that reminds you of someone :)

Enjoy the holidays with your kiddos!