Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jingle Bell 5K Race Report

When Nicole suggested that we run the Jingle Bell 5K this past weekend, I looked at her like she was CRAZY! I haven't really been running besides here and there, and I haven't really ventured out to attempt a run in the snow/ice. I figured, what the heck, last race of the year, and signed up. When I saw the forecast...I freaked. Here in Michigan, it's been nonstop snow since last night. Good grief. But lucky for me, it wasn't snowing during our race! Thank goodness!
I woke up a little bit late on Saturday since my natural alarm clocks decided to sleep in. When Nicole came to pick me up, I was still rocking my pj's. I hurried and layered as many clothes as humanly possible before jumping in her car and leaving town. After we were about half way there I said, oh my, I didn't even bring my music. She said she hadn't either. Then she said, did you remember your Garmin?
Nope. Totally forgot. WTH?
I guess I'm running naked today. And that's totally how I felt. I'm so used to keeping track of my pace and my heart rate that I felt out of control during my run.
More on that in a few.
The reason I signed up for this race was for the free headband! I was excited because I didn't have anything to wear on my head. Imagine my surprise when the headbands are pink!!! Ugggghhhh! Nicole just started laughing at me because she knows how much I dislike pink. But ehhh. At least my ears were warm:)
We finally found Jen and some of her friends to take a few prerace photos, headed to the start line and took off.
Mile 1: Ran with Nicole...we had decided to run a slow and easy race since her foot has been bothering her and neither of us had really been running. I was cold and my nose kept running. My lungs were burning a little. Good grief. I felt so naked without Jorge...I had no idea how hast we were going, how far we had gone. Sigh. I think our first mile was around 9:20 or so.
Mile 2: Feeling a little tired, but eh, not so bad. Until this group of really rude girls passed us and said, "I just needed to get by them." Which when I write it, doesn't sound so bad, but if you could have heard how she said it, your eyes would bug out of your head. Nicole, instantly pissed, said, those bees are not going to beat us, let's go. We picked up the pace for what felt like forever, but I soon fell behind. I couldn't get my breathing to settle and I was feeling flustered. What the heck?
Mile 3: I lost sight of Nicole at some point. My lungs were really on fire and I had the hot/cold feeling which I can't stand! Towards the end, I heard that girls voice from previous, and could see that they were closing in. I pushed as hard as I could for the last .6 of a mile because I wasn't going to let them beat me.
Finish time: 29:45.
Not my best race by any means, but I'm glad I got out there and ran.
I felt so felt so good when I was done!

It was a great way to wrap up 2010 racing!
I have a lot of great things to write about, but I'm super tired and am going to have to leave super early tomorrow because of all the snow. They have already cancelled school, can someone please cancel work??
Only 13 days til Christmas:)


Karen said...

Wow that's a great time! Way to go! Those That would have made me mad, too! So sorry about the pink headband...but it is cute! :0)

Missy said...

Very cute headband!
Also thanks for the advice, I may look into that.

Morgan said...

I'm totally LOL that you hate the pink headbands, mine is way to big to fit on my head so I probably should've just donated it. Was great seeing you out there and I'm looking forward to meeting up for some runs soon!

Molly said...

AHH! You just bugged me out about 13 days left!

cute headband!

the dawn said...

i love that you ended up beating those girls! i can't believe that they would be that rude! usually i find runners to be super supportive and encouraging. totally lame that they were ridiculous like that....

but good work! way to finish out the 2010 season strong :)

Andrew Opala said...

great time, even if you didn't think it was your best

Heather said...

You went out there and did it, that's what counts! and you looked good too! those headbands are cute...even in pink! That is a pretty rude thing to say when passing someone! what comes around goes around though...

Triathlete23 said...

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Christine said...

Good job on your 5k! I think it's great to get get headbands instead of a race shirt. Maybe you can color them!? :)

kizzy said...

COngrats on the 5K..That's indeed a great record..

--I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - smartwool

Nicole said...

:) love you bff!!!