Sunday, December 5, 2010

In the first pub of Christmas my bartender served me...

Hi folks! I'm checking in to recap my first week of my December resolutions and to tell a little Christmas story:)

My first week was what I would consider a success.
I ate shakes for 2 meals almost everyday!
I only ate out on Friday, after I successfully worked out on 3 of my 5 lunch hours!
I ran and cross trained. Nick seriously almost killed my legs. I'm still sore today and our workout was on Thursday! Let me tell you this. A 2 foot box step...lots of squats, jumps and agility. Yikes!
I only had 1 diet coke everyday. I drank at least 4 camelback water bottles every day! Win! (except for today...when I'm feeling a little brown bottle fluish, I require more caffeine.)

I'm excited for the upcoming week and incorporating some more strength training with a program that a PT from my work made up for Miss Nicole, but I'm jumping on board! I'm debating about running a 5 K this weekend, but I'm not sure if I'm going to break down and run in the snow! Sounds soooo cold.

Onto a little Christmas story...
In the first pub of Christmas my bartender served me, a Klavon's martini!
In the second pub of Christmas my bartender served me, 2 tasty shooters!
In the third pub of Christmas my bartender served me, 3 wise men
In the fourth pub of Christmas my bartender served me, 4 dollar longneck
In the fifth pub of Christmas my bartender served me 5 golden brews!
In the sixth pub of Christmas my bartender served me 6 slutty redheads
In the seventh pub of Christmas my bartender served me 7 jaegar bombs
In the eighth pub of Christmas my bartender served me 8 margaritas
In the ninth pub of Christmas my bartender served me 9 dollar drafts
In the tenth pub of Christmas my bartender served me 10 Irish car bombs
In the eleventh pub of Christmas my bartender served me 11 appletinis
In the twelfth pub of Christmas my bartender served me 12 soapy weiners!

We had an amazing time on our bar crawl! We made a few adjustments to the schedule along the way, but managed to make it to all of our 12 stops! We the bus pulled up to the 11th pub, I stood up and everyone looked like they had been hit by the very bus we were riding on. We decided to veto actually going in and shot to the 12th pub and my most favorite bar! I only have one picture from the night, but I'm waiting on lots of pictures from my friends and I can't wait to show you! Did I mention the theme of this bar crawl was ugly Christmas outfit/sweater??
I have never laughed so hard as people showed up wearing some of the most hideous things I HAVE EVER laid my eyes on!
Like Brian, Nicole's bfriend, in his MOM's sweater...with bows and boxes and SHOULDER PADS! Seriously? And my friend Julie who showed up with a Christmas vest and red TIGHTS with green shoes!! She looked like my 3rd grade teacher! HAHA! We had fun!

(Don't you love the little balls on my shirt? I had ornaments on my shirt, but I managed to lose all of them along the way! SIGH!)

did you all have an amazing weekend? Do you have favorite traditions that you do around the holiday time!


the dawn said...

sounds like so much fun!

i keep trying to figure out when/where we could get together before christmas. there seems to be something going on ALL the time!!! parties and plans and shopping! there's a small chance that i could do something next sunday, but i won't know for sure until like that too late of notice?

Nicole said...

Sunday is good for me Gina!! :) :) Love you E! I had a blast on our bar crawl!

Missy said...

That pub crawl sounds like super fun! Also props to you on working out and everything, I feel like I have lost all motivation, but hopefully I will start back heavy after the new year

Jon said...

Based upon the title of this post, I knew it was going to be a good!

JenniferLeah said...

eeek! I would have had the appearance of "hit by a bus" after the second bar!!
Sounds like fun time and love the ugly Christmas theme.

Amazing how a little 2 foot box can kick your arse huh??

Karen said...

Wow! You did an incredible job last week on your workouts! Way to go!! :0)

Molly said...

That bar crawl sounds like a blast! yum, Jager Bombs!!

Every year we bring the kids all over the place to check out christmas lights, including one of our neighbors. He has 59 blow up decorations all around his lawn, and a zillion lights, love it.