Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holy Races....

Hi folks! I'm so excited that I have an hour to sit and get busy catching up on my reader! I'm making my way around, so please leave a comment so I can make sure I check in on you soon if I haven't already been!

I'm sitting here tonight listening to the Biggest Loser as the last 4 contestants prepare to run the marathon...and I'm geeked. Why? Because in 21 weeks, I will tackle another marathon to redeem myself. And I'm stoked. I've been pretty consistent again with my workouts and I've been working with my trainer...I'm hoping to shave off at least 20 minutes of my previous marathon time. It will be a lot easier if I don't have a monstrous mental breakdown like I did in California. I've also been working on my race calender for the upcoming year, and I'm excited to see how it unfolds. Here's a possibility of what's to come (as far as longer races go)

CM Marathon in Tennessee April 30th
Borgess Marathon May 8th
Bayshore 10K May 28th
Charlevoix 1/2 june 25, 11
Chicago bank of America oct 9th 2011
NYC marathon Nov 6th (name is in for lottery, cross your fingers)

Notice those back to back marathons...um yea. The CM just happened to fall on my plate today, and I'm considering going for maniac status...(who am I and where did Erika go?)
While I realize that I have a few back to back runs, it really does depend on how things unfold. My work also sponsors an 8K and there are a few other local runs I plan on doing, so it should be another fun summer of running.
Speaking of running races, did I mention I went ahead and signed up for the Jingle Bell 5 K this weekend? Did I also mention is hasn't been over 30 degrees and snowing?? Guess there's no time like now to bust out those cold weather running pants! Oh goodness!
I'm also contemplating on MAYBE training for a small triathlon this summer. That would be some serious work for me because I'm not a huge fan of swimming in a lake, but with some practice, I maybe able to do it. hmmmm. Just something to think about.
Are you putting together a race schedule for next year?
Do you usually stay close to home or venture away?
I like running close to home, but I also love to get away for a race here or there. If you know of a good race that I should definitely try and get to, please let me know!!

I'm leaving you with the "picture version" of our 12 pubs of Christmas. The last vote is up to you...who has the ugliest sweater??

A quick stop and carol to one of our favorite co-workers house!
The first and last bar...home of the soapy wieners!

I'm not sure why we are standing outside of this bar, except we suddenly turned into the Rockettes for some reason!
Someone had a genius idea of shots...
Brain was the winner of the ugliest sweater...did I mention the shoulder pads?
Group shot...check out Julie's shoes (front center)...green and UGLY! hahaha!

I hope everyone is having an amazing week!


Nicole said...

that race schedule just got me all giddy excited! i'm a freak!

Karen (Toronto Girl West) said...

It never fails to amaze me how the people on BL do a marathon. Even if it's slow they still do it. Which is more than people like me can say! :oP

Anywho - no race calendar. I'd like to run a spring marathon but we'll see. For sure though I'm going to enter the lottery for the Nike Women's Half Marathon again. I've even started to put a team together!!!

Maybe the third time is the charm!

the dawn said...

eeeesh, that's a ton of races! but it sounds like SOOO much fun!

make sure you layer up for the 5k. running in the cold is WAY better than running in the heat and you totally rocked it this summer. so the winter has nothing on you. you're fierce and you're going to rock it!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Too funny. I think the black sweater vest with the turtle neck wins! I need to make a schedule for sure! I think I have one marathon and a few half marathons planned.

Where do you work that you do the graston technique? Have you had it done?

Johann said...

I'm big with my race schedule. Worked out every single run and race for 2011 long ago. My race schedule for big/important races is planned up to 2014 already.

Christine said...

I LOVE planning races and for weeks I'm trying to put my 2011 calendar together. I did my first marathon in October and needed a new goal. I now plan on running a race in each state! I love to travel and thought I would combine it with running :) Good luck on your races, your calendar looks like a lot of fun!

abbi said...

It's so much fun planning for races - your possible schedule looks very exciting!

Missy said...

Very fun pics!
Way to go with your marathons, my first Half is this weekend and I'm a nervous wreck because I haven't ran in about 2 weeks and did I mention it's gonna be freezing! Wish me luck!

Jon said...

Great schedule! Hope you get picked for NYC in the lottery!

Morgan said...

Your FB updates this weekend were hilarious. Glad y'all had so much fun!

See you Saturday! YAY!!!! :)

Alison said...

Erin and I ran Charloviox half last year. It is an out and back and 2 miles on a wooden bridge. There is a killer hill at the end. But, it was a fun race!

Anonymous said...

hahaha LOVE the pics!!!

Looks like you have such an exciting year ahead of you!

I like to plan my whole yera out, but this next year I am trying to not get too ahead of myself and limiting my race schedule til July...we will see how long that lasts :)

Karen said...

I LOVE the ugly sweater idea! That's hilarious!!! :0) Looks like y'all had a great time!