Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheers to the Holidays!

Wow...I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged! It seems crazy! I've looked at my computer and thought so many times, I really should post, and then 1000 other things pop up and I never get to it:/'s hard because I haven't been doing sh*t. Nada. Nothing. when it comes to working out. I'm feeling fat. Lazy. depressed. WTH? do I write about? focus on? yikes.
So. I'm putting this out there so that maybe some of you can help me jump back on the running/working out bandwagon.
Tomorrow starts again.
*At least 4+ days a week of working out. At least 2 of these are cardio.
*fast food no more than 1 x per week.
*back to Herbalife 2 shakes a day.
* vitamins again. daily.
* no more than 1 pop per day. and only after 2 bottles of water.

I've got a marathon coming up and there can be NO more excuses. It's time to get my butt back into gear. nuff said.
I forgot to mention I ran a 5 K last weekend. I started running with a friend at her pace, but after a mile in had to kick it up for the last 2. It felt good to breathe hard and sweat. Except it was cold. I'm still not excited about cold weather running:/
We had a great Thanksgiving and I'm so excited for Jack's second birthday and Christmas, I can hardly stand it. I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping with the exception of a few more gifts and there is going to be a lot of excitement this year;) I'll fill you in later on that!
I'm super stoked for my work friends "Ugly Christmas Sweater 12 pubs of Christmas" Bar crawl this weekend. Should be a blast!!!
Even though I haven't been commenting, I have been reading, and I hope to get around and comment soon (as soon as I can figure out how to do that from my phone, I'll be excited! Suggestions, let me know!)
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!


the dawn said...

wow...almost done with christmas shopping! i'm such a slacker, i just started mine yesterday. lame, i know.

my only workout motivation suggestion would be to plan out your marathon training. even if it doesn't officially start for another few weeks or months, its so helpful to see where you need to be by a certain date. i like counting down the weeks to my big race that way there's always a little part of my brain that knows exactly how long i have until my next 26.2 mile journey. that's enough to scare me into working out :)

i love the pre-new year's resolutions! i'm starting to believe that the weeks between thanksgiving and christmas are the perfect time to buckle down and really do some good healthful living. cause once you make it through that it's all down hill from there!

H Love said...

tomorrow is a new day, you can do it! i need to join you on a few of those goals!

Molly said...

that sweater crawl sounds like a BLAST!!!!!

I'm trying hard to get into the spirit, maybe after I watch the tree lighting tonight it will happen. : )

Jon said...

happy holidays back at ya!

Nicole said...

No excuses. Just do it!

Emz said...

12 pubs of Christmas" Bar crawl - OMGosh ----------- please take photos!

Anonymous said...

Nicole told me about the pub crawl and it sounds like SO SO SO much fun! Can't wait to hear about it!

I love getting back on track before the year actually starts...makes me feel like I am a step ahead of everyone :)

Karen (Toronto Girl West) said...

I need to find that same bandwago and jump back on it too. I've been really bad and I may have indulged a bit during the wedding/honeymoon month.


In other news - are you totally hung over? 12 pubs sounds like a blast but also like you could do some serious damage! lol Hope you had fun!!! :o)

Toronto Girl West