Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 things of AwEsOmEnEsS!

Awesomeness...really? No, but I felt like I needed a catchy title to get myself writing. I'm exhausted. Physically. Mentally. Pooped. Sigh.
But, I'm going to give it a whirl...onto 3 things Thursday!

And by the way, hello to all my new followers! I love the blogging community and how much fun it is to "meet" people! Please leave a comment so I can stop by your blog and check it out!

1) If you haven't already, I suggest you check out my previous's a video that I took on Tuesday of my monkeys talking about what we are all thankful for. Turkey Heaven...doesn't that sound pleasant?? Hahaha. I love this video because each of my monkeys personalities are SO prevalent it's redic! Maddie's facial expressions, Ayden busting out Miley Cyrus song, Jack whining and living up to his name of Velcro. So fricken funny.

2) I decided to run this
race for Habitat for Humanity on Saturday. It's my first "race" since Long Beach and I'm excited. More so to try on my new cold running gear since it's suddenly FREEZING here. Yuck. But, hey, I need to get out there and get running! I'm still open to running advice/plans for running while not specifically training for a run!

3) Part of my tiredness could be from my attendance at the 10:00 Michigan State basketball game Tuesday night. I didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning and then couldn't fall asleep! Sigh! So I'm really looking forward to the weekend and just chillaxing! It's much needed because I'll need all the energy I can muster for Black Friday!!! Counting down for that! Do you shop on black Friday??

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Hope you get a good sleep tonight and feel more energized tomorrow! I will go back to your other post to see your video! I don't shop on Black Friday...can't stand crowds and not a big fan of shopping so those combined are YUCK!

Nicole said...

Wish I could run Saturday! It would be a shit show though so it's prolly best! Love you!!!!

abbi said...

Have fun this weekend then rest up for Black Friday. I'm no longer one for the madness but I know it can be fun from previous experience!

Molly said...

ooo, have fun at the race! I'm not a black friday shopper, I'm more of a "see a deal in September and buy it and hide it" kind of person.

Missy said...

My mom, sister and I shop on Black Friday every year, its become a family tradition! I love it, it's so fun!

the dawn said...

nope, no shopping here on that scary scary day. i did once and almost got eaten by some serious shoppers. i learned my lesson and now i stay at home or play football with the family.

love your little ones. sooo sooo cute!

good luck this weekend! take pics of your new running gear :)

Anonymous said...

I always like to look at the ads for Black Friday, but I usually never actually go shopping. People are SCARY! haha