Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So now what?

This post may be a little random and followed with a lot of pictures, but I've been BUSY since I haven't been training everyday:)
I started back to kickboxing yesterday....whoooot hooooot! I missed it so much. I woke up this morning SORE! In a good way of course. My arms needed some exercise love since I've been giving mostly my legs the attention for the past 16 weeks! Boy could they tell today!! But, it feels great! I'm excited to get a run in on my lunch hour tomorrow...I was thinking about running today, but mother nature had other plans when she sent a string of tornadoes through our county:/ Boo.
Speaking of Boo, Halloween is right around the corner! We are working hard on our party decorations and costumes...tonight the kids and I made "witches wands" for our party...don't they look yummy??

The monkeys had lots of fun decorating them, and I'm pretty sure I'll be finding sprinkles throughout my house for the next 3 weeks! Speaking of my monkeys, we had some serious work to do in our "play room." It was, putting it nicely, a DISASTER! I spent some serious time working down there...I even saved this table that my mom was about to throw in the bonfire!!

While it looks pretty rickety, I thought a coat of paint might make it the perfect art table for my monkeys! So I sanded it down and painted it black (with the top being chalkboard paint) and it's amazing! The kids had the best time playing down there tonight, and I think it looks pretty darn good! See for yourself!

It was so nice to send the monkeys downstairs to play while I was making dinner, and they think it's soooo cool! They are hoping to sleep down there Saturday after our party with their cousins! Pretty awesome!

I'm leaving you with a few other pictures of our trip out to a small farm the other day to feed the chickens. Jack had so much fun chasing the kittens and carrying them around! AJ and Maddie were so proud that their chicken had laid eggs and that we were going to get to eat them! We had the best afternoon together hanging out.

On a super exciting note, I did this today:

Erika Gerding

Thank you for registering for the Borgess Run for the Health of It 2011. Your Registration is confirmed, and you may use this email as your Registration Confirmation

That's right. Marathon number two is on the calendar FOR SURE! I was also able to sign both monkeys up for a free kids run, so I'm sure they will be excited that we get to train together!
Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

What are you going to be for Halloween???


Emz said...

kickboxiing -- awesome

and those treats ---- a staple in my home at Halloween. YUM!

Love all the photos. Your kids are adorable.

bobbi said...

you take such great photos of your kids! (who are TOO CUTE!)

congrats on Borgess!

Nicole said...

Happy halloweeny!!!

So bummed I'm missing your party but I hope you understand!!! I love you bff and can't wait to spend all spring training together again!!!!!


Christa said...

I am registered too- Kalamazoo here we come.
As for Halloween- I personally am not dressing up but in our house we have
Thomas the Train
Queen of Hearts
and drum roll.......
A Marathon runner ( my 9 year old said, mom can I be you!) Oh my brought me to tears.

Anonymous said...

Those pretzels look delish! Your kiddos are too freaking cute! Yay for marathon #2 :)

teacherwoman said...

Love all the cute photos. Congrats on getting back into Kickboxing AND signing up for MARATHON #2!

BTW, those witch wands are super cute. I usually make something similar during the holidays, but might make some tonight to take to work Friday as a treat!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness those pretzels look awesome!!! :0) I love that table, too! How clever to paint the top with chalkboard paint! Love that idea! :0)

the dawn said...

i wish i was going to be at the halloween party. stupid mr. dawn and planning stuff for every weekend for the foreseeable future...i really should have more say in our socializing....

love the monkeys!

Molly said...

holy cow, that's great you already registered for the next one! Love the rehabbed table too...

Karen (Toronto Girl West) said...

So I already thought you were pretty cool since you're a marathoner now.

And then I found out you were a mom. That kind of elevated you to amazing.

Then I read the interview and realized you're a single mom. Now you're pretty well my hero.

Honestly, you're beyond amazing!!!!!!!

Toronto Girl West