Friday, October 15, 2010

Live from Long Beach, California...

Hi folks! While the sun is not shinning here in Long Beach, it is a beautiful day and I'm so excited to be here with Nicole and Sami! We arrived in Long Beach last night around 7:45 pm local time after the most amazing plane ride ever...we had a sweet plane, lots of leg room and Nicole somehow managed to get extra cookies for us:) They opened the door and we stepped right out onto the tar mack...see for yourself!

We had a fabulous dinner which consisted of margritis and found our hotel which is nicer than we expected. Down to the subject at hand: T-2 days until race time. YIKES!!

I'm surprisingly calm. I think my nerves may get a little rattled when we head to packet pickup in 15 minutes, but I've had some peeps do some really sweet things for me, and I'm cautiously optimistic about how this run will be.
I would like to take a second to thank a few people who helped me get here...

My Monkeys: While you are still to young to understand exactly why mommy has "flipped her rocker" I want to say thank you for being somewhat patient while we have tried to cram in training runs with quality monkey time. I love each and all of you more than you will ever know!!!

My Mom:
Has helped with my monkeys while I pour hours into training. Has helped keep my yard mowed and trimmed (which I know you hate, but thank you.) Has followed me on a bike during a long run which we give me mental fuel for Sunday. When I left on Thursday, she gave me a knotted rope to tie on my shoe and her lucky red bracelet that she wore when her underdog softball team knocked out some serious competition to win districts. Love you mom.

Another lady who words like amazing and wonderful can't even begin to describe her! She has spent many hours helping with kiddos while I train, picking up my house, and picking up slack where I seem to fall short. I'm sure the card she gave me to open Sunday will have me in tears. Love you Lizzie.

Where can I even begin to start?? It is because of her that I even started running anyways. I used to call her crazy and look at her like she had a very contagious outbreak of some awful disease, but Nicole, thank you, for helping me catch the running bug. Thank you for supporting me, believing in me, dragging my as$ out of bed many, many weekends to tackle those long runs, for listening to me bitch, complain, whine, name it. For driving all over looking for perfect race outfits and shoes, trips to mongo...and for the most amazing bracelet which I will wear proudly on Sunday (even though I may be swearing at you under my breath!) which reminds me "if you can believe in it, you can achieve it!" Love you!

Race day divas!

After my first Half Marathon and Nicole's current PR!

To my newest running "soleSister"...Chicago and Long Beach in 3 months?? How much fun have we had?? Thanks for Rock n Rolling with me in Chi town and pushing me when I thought I was going to die! Thanks for coming to cali with me to find me at mile 22...I don't think you will ever understand how grateful I am!

Now's time.
Let's kick some ass and run like hell!
See you on the flip side of 26.2!


Nicole said...


i love you.

you can do this.

hang on for one hell of a ride!

see you on the flip side!


Morgan said...

GOOD LUCK GIRL!!! I am so frigging excited for you! Have the best time ever and BELIEVE in yourself, your training and that the Finish line will come sooner than you think! Can't wait to call you Marathoner very soon!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Your 1st marathon is one you will never forget! Remeber when you're hurting to look around and take it all in and especially when you cross the finish line! See ya soon :)

the dawn said...

so...i've been getting a million emails from the race director at grand rapids, and there was something that he said that made me think of you and your first marathon!

"At mile 25, take out the headphones. It's time to engage ALL your senses and fully feel what's going on. Your legs are sore. Your body is tired. Your stomach has had ENOUGH Gatorade and water. The people around you are all feeling the same. All that discomfort is a result of YOU, DOING SOMETHING FEW OTHERS WILL EVER DO! Feel it. It hurts. But YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. Talk to your comrades, the people you've been sharing the battle with. See that 1 mile to go sign. Three more turns. Far in the distance you see the FINISH LINE. The race announcer's voice is heard as you approach. 26 miles. Feel this with your whole being! It's a victory! It's a marathon! YOU ARE AMAZING!" ~Don Kern

i believe in you!

bobbi said...

YAY!!! You got this!!

I am so excited for you - can't wait to hear all about it!

Leslie Collins said...

Good luck, Erika!

H Love said...

wow, great post! thinking of you! Run girl!

Katie said...

Good luck Erika! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read about it! :)

-Katie @ Legally Fit

Ashley said...

hey! Thanks for following my blog! :) I didn't know you had one... I will link it to my page :)