Sunday, October 10, 2010

7 days from today...

I will be sitting in my hotel room celebrating the fact that I can now call myself a marathoner. Holy hell. It almost seems unreal. I have seemed to fully embrace this thing called "taper" and have been so busy chasing monkeys and taking pictures, I feel like this weekend has flown by.
I will say this...I went to Chicago this weekend to spectate and cheer for Tara from running on the go and Timmis...and my eyes were opened to a whole new world. I think bullet point style may work best, so here goes:)
~ people. a ton of people. like can't move people.
~ mile 4. missed Tara but cheered for Timmis and a few thousand others as they run by. I will write my name on my shirt new week.
~Skirted to mile 11 and cheered some more. Rang amazing cow bell until I'm certain I will have some sort of "cowbellitis of the elbow" tomorrow.
~Finally spot Tara! Way to to T!
~Ride on the subway for my first time ever. Way to crowded for my liking.
~Hit up mile 22 to hang with Jenny from Red Head Running to cheer some more.

~By this's hot. I mean, REALLY HOT! It's at this point where I see/gain a new respect for "puke and rally"...and it has nothing to do with alcohol consumption.
~Bleeding, cramping, tears...the entire spectrum. I'm not gonna lie, it kind of had me freaking out.
~Did I mention we (should I say Nicole) spotted Dean Karnazes the Ultramarathon Man...Morgan summed it up best when she said we all instantly turned into giddy school girls. He actually "talked" to us as he ran by and said thanks for spectating. Sweetness!
Shortly after, Nicole and I jumped on the train to head home after a yummy dinner with an old high school friend.

Ok. So in the midst of my mental freakout of, "what in the world did I just get myself into??" I had a heart to heart with Nic. Here's how I've decided to mentally attack next Sunday.

I really felt that my 18 miler was one of the most amazing runs of my life. I felt on cloud 9...I ran a steady pace, I wasn't sick, didn't cramp. Let me remind you that this is also the run that my mom rode her bike with me and we had some amazing conversation. I love her and wish nothing more than she could travel with me because seeing her would make my race all the better. I know this is not possible. So...I'm taking a piece of rope on tying it on my shoe. And then.
When I am at the end of my rope, I'm going to tie a knot and hang on. I'm going to hang onto that conversation I had with her that day. I'm going to hang on to how I felt while I was running that day. I'm going to hang on to all the sweat and tears I've put into training the past 15 weeks. I'm going to hang on to the belief that I CAN DO IT! I'm going to hang onto the video of Ben and all that he's accomplished in the past year with running. (That has been some serious motivation for me:) I'm going to push through and hang on...that's my plan.
It's time to tighten my pigtails and man up. I've done all that I can possibly do to ensure that I will finish this race. Now I just need to show up. Game on for race day folks.
Congrats to all of the amazing racers out there today who went through hell and back in this crazy heat! I will hang onto the motivation from today for next week! Thank you for that!! You guys are all AMAZING!!!
Leaving you with a bored picture of Nic and I on the train ride home...if only I would have gotten the fishbowl one. HA!


abbi said...

I love your approach to next week! Best of luck!

Morgan said...

Like I said yesterday, put everything you saw out of your mind! That won't be you! You are going to do great! Believe in your training, yourself and run smart. Hydrate, pace yourself if it gets hot and you will do great!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to get that status update on my newsfeed on Sunday!!! GO ERIKA!!!!

Missy said...

Good luck next week! You will do great!

the dawn said...

"its time to tighten my pigtails and man up" pretty much the BEST LINE EVER!

i agree 100% with morgan. it's not going to be you. you have been training and you're going to run a smart race. i love the idea of the rope.

go get 'em girl!

bobbi said...

Oh, Erika, you are going to to AMAZING. Put all that out of your head - you will run smart, you will hydrate properly, and you will OWN your race! Thanks so much for spectating in that brutal heat - I was so thankful for every single one of you out there!

Molly said...

wow, I love your metaphor about tying the knot to hang on when it gets tough....with an attitude like that, you're going to nail it next week. I'm excited for you!!!

Nicole said...

Your going to do great. I know it.

By the way, the pigtail quote needs to be properly quoted by this one right here! :)

run like hell.

i love you!

Katie said...

Erika you can totally do this! Trust your training :) I am excited to read your recap in becoming a marathoner next week!!! :)

Katie H. @ Legally Fit

Johann said...

This is a great post! You will be awesome!

Nicki said...

Thanks for your comment about the long runs -- I've also been told they are the most important. And signing up for Marathon #2 before running Marathon #1 may not have been my smartest decision, but we'll just see how it goes! :)

GOOD LUCK!!! Cannot wait to hear how it goes -- you will ROCK 26.2!

Alison said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! You will do amazing. I will be thinking of you and sending strong running thoughts to you. No matter what, you will do it and you will finish. That is what is important. Have a great time and take the time to enjoy the moment. YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

you have the operfect mindset! you're going to do great and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate! yay! See ya this weekend and thanks again for being out there on the course this past weekend. It made my day seeing you girls out there :)

Circus Daily said...

damn girl you are inspirational...only a few days left now...good luck!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

You are soooo ready. I can not wait to hear all about it!

No luck required so I won't wish it. Your training will carry you through an amazing experince! Strong legs and a determined mind!

kizzy said...

I love this line;When I am at the end of my rope, I'm going to tie a knot and hang on.

--mountain hardwear