Sunday, October 3, 2010

14 weeks down...only 2 to go!

14 weeks of training I have now completed. It seems insane that I have been able to stick to (for the most part) a solid training schedule. With only 2 weeks until race day, I realize that I am in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. Oh hell. I should have thought about that 4 weeks ago. I'm going to pick them up tomorrow and run for the next 2 weeks in them and pray like hell they will be broken in enough for Long Beach. Otherwise, it may be a very long 26.2 miles.
Here's a quick breakdown of the week:
Monday: 4 speedy lunch miles with Miss Nicole
Wednesday: 5 scary miles...we missed how dark it gets so quickly now...and had to run the last mile or so in the dark! Yikes. A really random tidbit about our run...we happen to be running past my dad's old house. He still goes there and does yard work and such. My dad and I had a falling out a year ago, so I don't really speak with him anymore. I haven't seen him in a year. While we were running past his house, we ran right past him...Nicole waved at him and he waved back, but he DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE ME! Seriously. Seems crazy, but he probably didn't think twice about some crazy girls running past his house because the daughter he knew would NEVER be out, "just running." hehehe, makes me smile to think of how far I've really come in the past few months.
Thursday: 3 quick miles
Saturday: we were supposed to run 13, but woke up to nasty rain and freezing weather! We decided to hold the run until this morning, so I met Nicole again at the trail to tackle 13. It was FREEZING! So cold. We got a mile in and decided to run only 10, but that we were going to try and run faster.
Today: 10 miles in FIRST EVER 10 mile run with all of my miles being sub10! I was so excited! It feels like my goal for a new half PR is within reach after the run I had today!
I'm also super excited to be heading to Chicago to support Tara and Timmis who are running this coming weekend! I'm hoping to get super pumped about our run and FEED off the energy of the windy city!
On my final note...GO GREEN! Can't wait for the big Michigan State game this weekend...first time I ever remember meeting U of M while both teams are undefeated this late in the season. FIRE UP FOR THAT FOLKS!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


Nicole said...

love you SS <3 <3

Missy said...

Congrats on the good mileage, my week wasn't so successful but I'm hoping to get better this week!

Johann said...

14 weeks down…only 2 to go is impressive! Those 14 weeks will pay off on race day for sure. Have a good week!

Morgan said...

It was nasty on Saturday, I'm glad ya'll waited for Sunday! It was chilly but so much nicer! Yay for a great taper long run!!! Girl you are so ready for LB and as long as you get cranking in the new shoes you'll be fine for the marathon.

I'm headed down to Chi-town to spectate too! I'm setting up shop around mile 22.5 though because its pretty desolate out there and I thought the runners could use some extra support. What's your game plan?

teacherwoman said...

Great job on your runs! I think Michigan State beat Wisconsin, correct?! :)

Molly said...

wow, those 14 weeks flew by!

I got new shoes a month before my marathon, so I think you'll break them in in time...enjoy your week!!

: )

the dawn said...

that is so eerie that your dad didn't even recognize you. just goes to show how much evolution can happen in one person's life over the course of a year. good on you!

what an awesome zippy 10 miler! that should add some more confidence going into the marathon.

you guys have fun in chicago this weekend. i'm going to lay low and freak out about every little detail about my race until i loose my mind. sounds like fun, huh?

Melinda said...

Great job on completing your training. Enjoy the time to taper and best of luck in your race!

chris mcpeake said...

Thats lots of time to break in those shoes. Way to get your training in.