Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lazy Days...

Yep. I'm obviously on vacation. Which week did I just finish with training? Not sure. Did I run while I was here? once. A lousy 3 miles. But I'm thinking about running, does that count?
I've spent the last 4 days doing nothing but whatever the monkeys want. spoiling them with my undivided attention. Spent some long overdue time playing house, riding bikes, chasing waves. I sat on the beach with my best friend today watching our kids play together and was reminded..."do you remember when we used to dream about this? Our kids playing together, hanging out on the beach?"
My life has been so busy and consumed with running, working and taking pictures, I really feel like I've spread myself just a little too thin. This trip has been an amazing time to reconnect with my monkeys and I'm soo soo blessed to get to spend time with my best friend and her family as well. I have a lot more pictures, but I'll leave you with these for now. Wish me luck on our 17 hour car adventure can't be any worse than our trip down here where it
~construction for the first 30 miles
~rain so hard you can't drive over 40 mph for the next hour
~traffic jam in Ohio:/
~maddie has to pee on side of road because we can't make it to rest room soon enough.
~Jill the Garmin takes us the back roads and we get "lost" on some hilly ass 2 lane road that was SCARY to drive on.
~Ayden gets sick ie dry heaving on the side of the road because he's car sick
~Jack starts crying every 20 minutes on the dot
~Sleep in SCARY hotel room.
~Start the next day driving to...are we there yet? Give me the DS! Mom, he/she's not sharing. and on. and on. and on.
~Side of the road bathroom break again
~Lunch at a gas cream and chips, sure, as long as we get there!
~Oh hell, Maddie, was that your pillow case that just flew out the window?
~Ayden, it's 2:17 and Jill the garmin says we will be there at 2:37...that's 20 minutes!
~40 minutes later...Jill has decided to take 501, the busiest highway which is at a standstill. Mom, you lied. No Ayden, Jill lied. Sorry dude.
~Jill gives crappy directions and we get on the wrong highway. Another 10 miles out and back for one right turn.
~Finally arrive after 26 hours of travel.

I'm leaving you with a few pictures...and promise to write up a running recap for the week (even though it was a big fail!) when I get home! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!


Circus Daily said...

your vacation pics look awesome. good luck with the big car trip home.

abbi said...

I love your vacation pictures! Hope that long ride goes well!

Zaneta said...

wow! sounds like a long drive there!! The water looks amazing though!! Be safe coming home and hopefully it takes less time than getting there did!

Nicole said...

i really have no idea how you are still alive after 17 hours in the car with 3 kids!!! hurry home gf, i miss you like CRAZY!!!!

Missy said...

Wow what an eventful car ride, 17 hours, you are a brave woman and with 3 kids, I give you props, hope that you had fun and the pics are awesome, you are a great photographer!

Molly said...

so cute...did the pillow case really go out the window??

Katie said...

Your children are so adorable!

That is quite the long car ride. Enjoy SC!

Katie @ Legally Fit

the dawn said...

you are doing the perfect thing: reconnecting with family and friends. never let marathon training overtake's not worth it!

sorry the drive was so full of drama and trauma! hope your trip home is more peaceful. we need to get together soon! my weekends are crazy busy...but we need to make it happen!

bobbi said...

I missed this post! Your family is beautiful!!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Sounds like a great time away and a typical long car ride with kiddos.

As always, love the photos!