Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm baaacccckkkk....missed ya'll!

I've finally made it back to the real world! How has everyone been?? While I have mounds of laundry to catch up on and a house that really needs some love, I thought I would drop a quick three things Thursday (although from the pictures I have to post, it may be kind of long:) Sorry! You know I'm a sucker for pictures!!) Here goes nothing!

1) So, do you remember my post from MCMamma's Virtual Race that I ran? I had been really disappointed because Nicole and I had taken some hilarious videos of my crazy outfit and some "how not to take Gu" videos. I had really wanted to post them...and she finally got them to upload! Well, the one of my Gu disaster. Anyone with tricks on taking this stuff, I'm all ears. I do now keep it in the fridge, but I have yet to try a cold one. I'm thinking this weekend will be the time:) Here's the video...small disclaimer*****
She does drop the f-bomb, so please forgive me in advance, I can't sensor it out!****


2) I have 2 upcoming races this weekend...while I am supposed to be running 16 on Saturday, I have already signed up for a 5 mile run followed by a 5K...and I'm thinking Nicole and I might meet and run 4-5 before hand, then end up with 2 afterwards...she is supposed to run 20, so I may hobble along her the last few. All depends on how the legs hold up. I will for sure hit 16 again this weekend! My training kind of went aloof with our vacation, but the past week looks something like this:

monday: 5 miles
Tues: Nick workout
Wed: 4 miles
Thurdsay: driving, driving, driving...vacation!!
Friday: driving
Saturday: festival
Sunday: 3 miles then to the beach
Monday: park and back to Michigan:/
Tuesday: driving...
Wednesday: 6 miles with Nicole...again, amazingness because it's finally cooling off here and I'm able to run without dying...although there was some mad burning in my throat from breathing the cold air.
Today: Interval workout with Nick. My last sprint on the treadmill I was able to maintain good form and run a "lap" around the track at a 7:30 pace. Yes, I was swearing and sweating by the end...but he swears if I keep working I will be able to maintain that pace for an entire race someday (and be able to strike and keep good form the whole time...I know, seems far fetched to me too!)
I'm planning a lunch run with Nicole tomorrow and then big race/run on Saturday. If feels good to be back on schedule and working out again. I swear I gained 8 pounds while I was gone!!

3) Speaking of 8 pounds...don't get me wrong. I love running. But since I quit kickboxing (in fear of getting hurt before long beach) I really feel like my figure has gone from "in the process of getting toned" to "flabbier than before." Sigh! I've always been super self conscious and have struggled with healthy ways to lose weight. So, tomorrow, I'm going hard core on a herbalife diet. Shakes for 2 meals, snacks, sensible dinner. Alcohol only once a week. Limit to one soda a day, if that. Not totally deprive myself so I go insane, but definitely watching more of the empty calories that I put in my body. I'm sure it will be difficult, but I'm hoping it will pay off.

Oh...and I forgot to mention that I totally won an amazing giveaway from Suzy at Countdown to 26.2! Look at all this amazing stuff I won! THANK YOU so much Suzy for hosting this awesome giveaway! Super cool!

I'm leaving you with some of my most favorite pictures from my trip that I haven't posted yet! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Nicole said...

Hahahahahaha that video is hilarious! Sorry for the fbomb peeps! No filter!! LOL I'm glad ur home can't wait for lb!!!!

abbi said...

Your video is funny! Have a great weekend and have fun at the races!

Missy said...

Beautiful pics of some beautiful babies! Good luck on your runs this weekend, I'm running 8 miles in the morning for the first time, very excited! I'm running the Amica Insurace Half Marathon on Dec 11, it's a part of the Thunder Road Marathon.

Anonymous said...

2 races this weekend? wow thats hard core!!! good luck! u r gonna do great.
great video...super funny.

awesome pix with the kids!!

Anonymous said...

love the pics!!!! your babies are so cute :)

ok I feel like I am a pro gu/gel taker so here are my way to eat it is to rip off the top and then bite halfway down on it and then pull it out of your mouth..keeps it from getting all over and being sticky...then I just fold the bottom up and it pushes the rest out into your mouth...another way it to just fold from the bottom if you dont want to bite down on it..not sure if you have sensitive teeth or not...I don't even know if this makes any sense, but I can always send you and Nic a video! lol

keep up the good work! LB will be here soon...yay! :)

Molly said...

you're going to have a busy running weekend! I know what you mean about the whole weight thing...I thought I would have lost some weight with all this training, but I'm just eating more!

Thanks for your comment...can't belive the race is this weekend...GAH!

the dawn said...

wow, you girls are so fabulous i can't wait for our next adventure.

your little girl is so beautiful! looks like you have a wonderful vacation. welcome back :)

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

Great video! I looked up the HerbaLife diet after reading your post. It looks interesting, but I read that it's really expensive. I might try it out though so let us know how well it works! Be healthy though!

Wonderful pictures. Your children are beautiful!