Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Six...weeks down, that is!

Howdy from the hot and humid grossness of Michigan folks. Seriously, it's disgusting here tonight. But enough whining, it's time to celebrate!
I wrapped up week 6 of marathon training this week with my longest run EVER!
15 miles = SUCCESS!

A quick breakdown of the week looks something like this:
Sunday was my 13.1 attempt in Chicago.
Monday: 3 recovery miles with my awesome new jogging stroller. Um...I never realized just how hard it is to run without swinging you arms. Seriously.
Tuesday: Nick at noon. We did interval training....treadmill, incline of 25, speed of 11mph...nuff said.
Wednesday: caught up with the monkeys and never made it out.
Thursday: Nick at noon, and 7 miles with my GYRO girl Abbey!
Friday: rest

Saturday I woke up super early to meet nicole at the trail for my first attempt ever at 15 miles. I'm not gonna lie, when she called at 5:15 am, I was kind of hoping she was calling to cancel because I really wanted to sleep in. But I was greeted with "let's get this sh*t done!!"
So I grabbed my gear and headed out. Up to this point, I've never used "typical" fuel...I mostly eat starbursts and gum, but I had 2 packets of GU that I got in Chicago and decided to give it a whirl. By 6 am, we were off and running. She was hoping to run 17, so I figured we would split and she could catch back up to me at some point. We ran the first mile together and the trail was quite and nice. Nic took this picture of me right as I came out by the lake!

My main focus of my run was to try and keep a steady pace. I decided to shoot for 10 minute miles. The first four miles were great! Nicole had stashed some water and gatorade along the trail and I saw her stop and wait for me to catch her at the first "water stop." She was having a hard time, so we decided to try GU at this point. First flavor up...Vanilla Bean. I'm totally a texture eater, so I was a little freaked out. I didn't put it far enough back in my mouth and instantly gagged. The taste wasn't terrible, but next time, I will be mixing it with water.
Back on the trail again, mile 5 was rough. I have a really hard time finding my legs again after I stop running for a minute, and I was starting to freak when I found my groove again. And I felt good. The GU had some serious pick me up! I managed to keep my 10 minute mile pace, until mile 10 when I stopped again for a quick drink and more GU. Blueberry pomegranate. Just okay. Anyways, finally found my rhythm back and was feeling amazing until mile 11 when I was struck with a serious case of upset tummy. SIGH. Another quick pit quote for the day, desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was off and running again. At mile 13.1 I looked at my watch and it said 2:13:10. I wish I could have run like this in Chicago last week! Good grief, and although I was a little tired, I honestly felt good!

I honestly can't believe that I ran 15 miles. If Jorge wouldn't have been on, I would have said no fricken way. I just find it more and more amazing what you can train the human body to do.

On a super exciting Long Beach note...we have now bought our plane tickets and booked out hotel room! Oh...and did I mention the best news of all? Our GYRO girl Sami has decided to come to Long Beach with us!! She is going to run the half and then find me at mile 22...and run with me or hell, maybe even carry me, but I will have someone there to support and cheer, and that my friends, is worth more than words can say!! I'm so grateful, and I know Nic, Sami and I are going to have an AMAZING trip!! This week left me more motivated, confident and ready to push on! We are going to ROCK Long Beach, and I can't wait!!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm super stoked that I finally won a giveaway! Krista from middlenamemarie gave away a $40 giftcard to CSN and I was the lucky winner! While I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to buy, I sure am having fun looking at stuff! Thanks for hosting this sweet giveaway!


the dawn said...

So, as a point of took me WAY longer to run my 15 miler today! You totally rocked it! I was a great big pansy. Have you looked at the weather for Sunday? I might be game for an early start if its going to be anything like this afternoon...

abbi said...

Woohoo!! Great job on the 15. Isn't it exciting when you reach a new distance?

Heather said...

Awesome 15 miler!! The trail looks really nice! way to go!

Jon said...

Congrats on the 15 miler. That is a HUGE milestone!

Try out the Chocolate GU. It is amazing! I am getting my birthday cake frosted with it.

Johann said...

That is great, well done! These long runs get easier and now that you've done 15 miles things will fall into place for the marathon.

Katie said...

AWESOME job on the 15 miler! The photo of you running is beautiful- what a sunrise! Keep up the awesome work!
-Katie @ Legally Fit

Emz said...

Completely awesome.

I love my 310xt --- you love yours?

YAY on 15!!

Nicole said...

great job e! i am soooo excited for you! i cant wait to go on another run date this weekend!!!! LOVE YOU!

Molly said...

that is so great that you felt good!!

how fun too, that your friends will be with you in Long Beach!

Meggan said...

What kind of stroller do you have? I love mine! It is hard to get used to running with it. I tend to push with one hand and then switch off!