Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monkey in the Middle turns 5?!? I can't believe it!

Dear Maddie,
I can hardly believe that in one short hour you will be 5 years old. The day that you were born was one of the happiest days of my life! You were such a sweet baby and your brother loved you to pieces!

You went to fun places like Traverse City and we went hiking in the woods. You slept the entire time snuggled in the sling! You were a good traveler (minus the one drive to Tennessee to see Grandpa Rick! You were such a happy baby, but boy did you have a stubborn side! You knew what you wanted, and you knew how to wrap papa tightly around your finger to make sure you received it:) I almost felt robbed when you turned one...I couldn't believe my sweet baby girl was growing up so fast!! I could never get your hair in a bow, so I used to tie a ribbon around your head so that people knew you were a girl:)

At two, we went to South Carolina where you first saw the ocean and you loved it! You also developed a love for animals that is unexplained! You continue to tell me even now that some day you are going to be an animal doctor. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up with a huge farm FULL of animals!!

Although you are as girly as they come with nail polish, makeup and princess clothes, I still check your pockets every night for bugs, frogs and worms. You love to play in mud puddles and ride your bike.

I sometimes look at you and can't believe the amazing little girl that you've become. You have challenged me to be the best mom I can be. You brighten my life and I love when we are riding in the car and you start singing at the top of your lungs! I even love your little attitude you get sometime when you put your hand on your hip and shake your head. It just makes me laugh! I can't wait to see what you become in the world because I know it will be a better place because of you. While most people would call you stubborn, I call you persistent.

You love your baby brother and are constantly trying to mother him. You look up to Ayden and I love how you two seem to stick together. You love to eat any veggies, fruit or meat, and are the only monkey that will order steak, shrimp and a salad when you go to dinner. Such expensive taste for such tiny taste buds!!

I am so so blessed to have you as my daughter, and look forward to watching you grow into the beautiful young woman that I know you will become. Thank you for enriching my life and teaching me about the things that are truly important. I love you Miss Moe and hope you have the most amazing 5th birthday!

I hope you know how truly special you are and how much you mean to me!!



Anonymous said...

awesome pictures!
found ur blog thru Abbi at Higher miles.
I am also running a marathon on October 17th! just wanted to say hello.

runnernic.com said...

me and my hormonal self are crying. way to freaking go. happy birthday miss moe!

Christina M. Helsel said...

I definitely started tearing up as I read this--and I've never met Maddie! What a wonderful "ode" to your daughter.