Sunday, August 29, 2010

The lost is found...A virtual race report and week 9 recap!

Hi all! Whhooooo, what a week this has turned out to be. While I love being busy, my life currently feels crazy, and I'm looking forward to things getting settled back into a routine real quick!! Up race report from

Nicole and I headed out to the trail to take on these 8.25 miles (we had long runs scheduled for the day, but decided to dedicate the first 8.25 to MCM mamma!!) Before we left, I went to get my I fitness belt out and. what. the. hell. I forgot it. Who can run 16 miles with no belt to hold important things like Gu and my phone?!? Our work had recently given us these sweet coolers that hold 3 cans of beer...or beverage of your choice. Desperate times call for desperate actions, so I strapped that bad boy around my waist and we were off. Not before a few hilarious pictures of my mismatched outfit and way cool "cooler belt."

We set off and decided to take an amazing video (which I was hoping to link here, but we are having trouble getting it to upload)...and stopped a few places along the way to take pictures and/or videos. At our Gu stop at mile 4, we have the "how not to eat Gu" video...chocolate outrage like chocolate frosting for MCM's birthday cake. While it was did burn a little when it came out of my nose. Seriously, it should be illegal to have this much fun on a run!! The 8.25 miles were not super speedy, but were amazingly fun!!
Unofficial race time: 1 hour 26 minutes

Our friend Sami met us at mile 8, and we continued on our way. Nicole found a sweet heart shaped leaf which we stopped to take a picture with...

From mile 1 to 12, I felt pretty good. I wasn't running super fast, but was keeping a steady pace. Nicole and Sami decided to run ahead to keep a quicker pace for a minute and I was really trying to focus on keeping my pace steady and a little quicker for mile 11-14. At mile 12, my Ipod died. UUUGGGHHH. Nicole brought me hers and said, pick it up, you can PR your half marathon time right now. So I turned her jams on and ran. Sweetness...13.1 and my time was 2:12...sweet!! Kick it up...and her Ipod died at mile 14 along with my legs. I really needed to eat another Gu, but I had no water and that's something that I can't do. At this point, I'm tired, being eaten by mosquitoes, I can feel my toes burning and blistering (especially the one with NO toenail!), my legs feel like lead. Two miles. 8 laps. Get it together. I can do this. 20 steps later...I am going to die. This is not possible. What was I thinking. 20 steps later. Get it together. Finish strong. and it continues like this for all of mile 14 and 15. I'm starting to think that the long run is way more of a mental battle than actual physical. I get to mile 15 and the end is nearly in sight. Only one more mile, right? At 15.5 my calves cramped up. I wanted to get on my hands and knees and crawl the rest of the way. I wanted to cry, but I didn't even have tears to cry because I needed water so badly. I ended up walk/running the last bit...and crawled up the steps to Nicole's apartment because I could barely walk.

Mark this run up to a lesson learned. I'm a little nervous about my long run next weekend, but I think there were a lot of differences from my first long run. We changed our long run date this week to Thursday night after work. Usually I run first thing in the morning. It was a lot harder working a full 8 hour day running around, stretching people, spending 4 hours in a pool and then hitting the trail rather than rolling out of bed and hitting the trail. I think I'm going to keep my long runs on the weekend for sure!!

We changed our run because we had a wedding this weekend! I had an amazing time with great's a little film strip from the picture booth!

Because Nicole was in the wedding, her bfriend and I ended up hanging out for most of the evening until Nic's bridesmaid duties were fulfilled. So. Much. fun.

Here's a quick recap of week 9 training...
Sunday: 3 miles recovery after a brown bottle flu from Saturday
Monday: 5 miles through the park! The weather was a little cooler which made it much nicer!
Tuesday: Treadmill/interval training with Nick x 39 minutes
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 16 miles:/ 2 hr 59 minutes
Friday: Core/arm workout with Nick
Saturday: rest

As it gets closer and closer, I'm getting more and more nervous. The long runs are becoming less and more scary if that's even possible. I just have to remember that my number one goal is to finish!
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
Hoping to post the winner of the giveaway tomorrow!


the dawn said...

"long runs are becoming less and more scary" that is SOOOO true! that's exactly what happens! you start to realize that the distance is doable and you can handle more than you ever thought possible (less scary). but you also start to experience the blood/sweat/tears aspects of endurance training and know more what to expect (more scary). very well stated!

i'm so proud of you for making it through those tough miles. you are right on: long runs are more mental than physical. always.

Nicole said...

had so much fun this weekend! LOVE YOU!!

Chris K said...

Hi Erika,
I am your #60 Follower. So I am intrigued. You live in Michigan and your first Marathon is Long Beach?! LB Marathon is one of my favorites. In fact, I wrote about it not too long on my blog. It is perfect size, flat, organized, and coastal views. I have paid for my bib, but am unfortunately injured. Good luck.

abbi said...

I'm so with you on the long runs becoming both less and more scary. you made it through another tough workout!

Molly said...

your beer cooler idea was genius!

I know what you mean about the long runs, every week I tried not to think too much about the actual miles I had to do, otherwise I'd probably give myself a panic attack!

Lisa said...

i've never trained for a marathon, but even in my half marathon training it seems the long run is at least equally mental training as physical. good job getting through it!

Tricia said...

sounds like fun!

(except the end part :)

great job getting through it

Zoƫ said...

Great job on your long run! Very cool pictures along the way too. You CAN do this!

Sherry said...

LOVE the pic of the shoes and the leaf.

I gave you an award over on my blog - check it out when you get a moment.

Anonymous said...

great way to improvise with the cooler belt! Nice job on getting your long run done! I've done a few long runs pre/post work and let me tell you keep them for the weekends unless you have no other choice! great week of training!

trailmomma said...

I love your monkeys! They are just too darn cute. I love the blog title photo . . . precious!

Great job on your run!

Running Diva Mom said...

Great job!! LOVE the bondi bands!!!

BTW, your blog header is absolutely adorable. The photo is the best!

Amy said...

Congratulation, you guys are doing good, nice run there. I love the pictures so cool, it capture every moment of the race. Nice!!!