Sunday, August 22, 2010

Half way there...

Week 8 of marathon training is now "complete"...minus the fact that I wasn't able to squeeze my long run in this weekend and am trying to shift my runs around this week to fit in those extra miles. This is one of the lowest running weeks I've had in awhile.
Monday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Saturday: was supposed to run 12 but spent the day in Fennville MI for my bestie from high school's was AMAZING! I was going to try and run on Sunday, but I was suffering from a minor case of food poisoning from Burger King (which I hate anyways, but that's all this town had!!) Or it could be the wine/Margarita/sparks combination from our day of festivities...regardless. It didn't get done.
Sunday: I took Jack Jack on an easy 3 miler...I seriously can't get over how difficult it is to push that stroller!!

My training plan for week nine says:
Monday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 8 miles
Saturday: 14 miles

I think I may change it to look more like this
Monday: 4 miles at lunch 4 miles after work
Tuesday: Nick
Thursday: Nick at lunch, 14 miles after work
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: Another fabulous wedding to attend!!
Sunday: rest

I'm not sure how well this training plan will work putting so many longer runs together, but I CANNOT miss 2 long runs in a row. I think Nicole and I are going to run together on the trail.
I'm hoping that the weather will cooperate and stay cool because this running in heat thing is really starting to wear on me.
One more random bit, then I really need to pass out because I'm so tired!!
I'm beginning to think that if toe nails were a hot item on Craig's List or the black market, I may be rich!! I had my pedi on Saturday (a week ago) and on Friday I had another nail come off. SICK! I called Jolene and she said to stop in...hi, wedding tomorrow, I need help!! Check out this amazing job she did with no nail!

Isn't it amazing! It almost looks real! Thanks Jolene for helping me in a pinch!!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


Missy said...

great job on the toes! I haven't had the pleasure of loosing a toenail yet, but I'm sure that will come! Good luck with the training this week, I'm hoping to get some good miles in too!

teacherwoman said...

great job on the mileage! And the toes look beautiful!

the dawn said...

two wedding weekends in a row? wow, that's a lot of excitement all at once. good luck on all the runs this week!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Good job being flexible with the schedule.

Nice paint on the toes!

Nicole said...

i'm going to say this one more time. do NOT try to make up a missed run. once you miss it, its gone. you had to/made the choice to miss it, so you must suffer with that decision. cmon parenting classes!

p.s. that said, do what you want. :-P i dont know a thing!

Molly said...

I did a double take with your nails, they came out great!

sorry about the food poisoning!

Katie said...

Your toenails look awesome! I'm sorry you had food poisoning... that is awful! Never good.

Yay for being halfway through!

Katie @ Legally Fit :)

Jon said...

nails falling off from running? things to look forward to with long runs? oh boy! haha!

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

half way there! woooohooo!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Definitely try to focus on getting in the long run and if you feel like doing a run the day after that's great but not required... the long run is what will get you through on race day

Morgan said...

Girl you are def a runner now! Painting over your nail-less toenails is a right of passage! :) Great job making it to Week 8 happy and healthy! You're going to do great!

P.S. We all seriously need to get together for a run once I'm back up and running that is!