Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zumba me CrAzY!!

well...I think I may have FINALLY found an alternative to my old kickboxing obsession/cross training.
I started dancing when I was four years old. I LOVE, love, LOVED dance but decided to quit when I went away to college because it was just too much work. (That's what I tell myself anyways. Those of you that know me best know it was because I was to busy "experiencing life:)" Anyways, I used to take ballet, point, hip hop, modern, tap, jazz...you name it, I probably did it. If I wasn't in the gym practicing volleyball, softball of basketball, you could find me at the dance studio. I found this picture on my computer and it made me miss dance...I think I was in 8th grade maybe?!?

Anyways, this past year I tried a Zumba class and I really didn't dig it that much. Yea, it was dancing (which I <3) but it was kind of tribal and it didn't even get my heart rate high enough to count as a workout. A few months ago my friends found a different Zumba class and have been begging me to come. Since I haven't been kickboxing and only really running plus a little strength training with Nick, I've definitely noticed that really any tone I used to have is slowly disappearing and I'm quickly becoming flabby:( SIGH! Right when I was getting ready to leave work I got an email from one of my besties asking me to pretty please give Zumba a chance tonight...a bunch of girls from work are going....blah blah blah...so, what the hell. I'll give it another shot.

It's at a local skating rink and when I got there, I was a little surprised at the turnout. 105 women to be exact ready to shake their sh*t for an hour! It started off a little slow...but by the 5th song, my butt was definitely sweating! Even though my heart rate was only at a 150 average, I'm thinking it may be my new cross training! Especially if I have even a slimmest chance of looking like the teacher...seriously people, this chick is RIPPED! No joke!

5 days until Chicago...planning on running maybe 6 tomorrow, 4 on Friday and the off to Chicago early Saturday morning. Still trying to figure out our race outfits, so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I was thinking about a bling bling shirt that said something along the lines of "Rockin out Sami" and "Rolling with Erika"...ahhh but who knows!
Happy Tuesday!


abbi said...

Sounds like fun. I've never done Zumba before. Have fun the rest of the week as you prepare for Chicago!!

Missy said...

OMG! I think we are like long lost friends, I used to dance also! I did competition dance, tap, ballet and jazz. I have taken a zumba class before and it was pretty fun, but with my work schedule I can never make it to them. But it definitely gets you sweating and working hard!

Molly said...

My sister in law loooves Zumba, she's lost some weight too doing it!

Your shirt idea for Chicago sounds cute...I'm sure it will be warm so dress on the lighter side.

the dawn said...

so...first of all. LOVE the picture! seriously fab. and yes, i've been to zumba like 3 times. some were definitely better than others depending on the instructor. i still prefer good old jazzercise because i feel like the moves are more interesting and varied. the zumba classes i've been to always had us repeat a step over and over until i was bored. jazzercise has different routines for each song so that the movement matches the music and changes often. also, we get to do choreographed weight lifting too! so fabulous. if you ever find yourself near niles i'll totally take you to a jazzercise class!