Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week 3 Wrap up...and Baby Jaxon!

Well, it's a wrap on week 3 of Long Beach Training. I struggled a little throughout the week mainly finding time, but I REALLY enjoyed spending time with my kiddos, family and friends this week. My training from Thursday on looked something like this:
Thursday: 4 miles on the treadmill speed workout 35 minutes
Friday: 4 miles on the treadmill, 37 minutes
Saturday: 5 miles (originally started for 8 but ran out of daylight!) 53 minutes.
Sunday: LAKE DAY!

Today I went with my friends Ali and Ginger to watch the Clarklake Triathlon. We had 9 co-workers participating, so we made fun signs and went to cheer them on! This was my first time ever watching one...and we had a blast! I'm totally thinking we should put together a relay team for next year (because I hate lake water and need someone who will swim for me:) so anyone interested, let me know!
We came home and took a nap, then headed back out to Clarklake to hang with the family! I shot this quick video of Jaxon discovering the boat's horn and when ever he realizes that there is a camera on him, he flashes the biggest smile ever and says, "Cheese!" It's so adorable!

This week my miles are supposed to max out around 20, and I plan on pushing hard even though I have Chicago in 14 days! I can hardly believe that the race is right around the corner! If all goes well there, I will officially be signing up for Long Beach then (didn't want to put money on it in case I die in Chicago!) My expected finish time is 2:05 which would be a PR by 10 minutes. While I'm not holding my breath, I'm really happy that my friend Sami is coming to pace coach me. Hopefully we will be finding some super cute race outfits this week! This will be my first big race without my running bestie Nicole so I'm a little nervous about how it will go. I'm sure I'll be tweeting her ALL weekend long! I don't know if I'll have the gusto to call her from Mile 11 like she did me when she ran Chicago in June, but I think I'll give it a whirl unless my PR is within reach!
I'm also really excited about the opportunity to train with my co-worker Nick. Because I work for am amazing company and we focus a lot on health and activity, we get bonuses for working out. part of our bonus includes training sessions with Nick and Tyler. After talking with him this weekend, it seems that I could use some strength training in my life to help out the old knees! I'm excited to call him on Monday and get that set up for later in the week! He's also going to watch me run and help me become a more efficient runner. Should be interesting!
Sorry I'm a little behind on commenting on your blogs, but I promise I will catch up! I hope you all have an amazing week!


Irrational Dad said...

Ha. It looked like the horn startled him the first time.

Good luck in Chicago, E. Kill it!

abbi said...

Sounds like another great week! Hope the next two weeks go well as you get ready for Chicago!!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a fun time! Way to get those runs in as well!

Missy said...

OMG Your little boy is so adorable! I just want to pinch his checks! Love it!

Molly said...

Isn't it crazy how fast races come up?! That's very cool about your company being so supportive about working out.

the dawn said...

adorable jaxon!

you are going to do so well in chicago, i just know it! you've been working hard and you're so much more experienced this go-round. it's going to be amazing! yay! said...

love my jack jack! you will rock chicago! i just know it!!!!! love you r-bestie!

Kelsey: the Blonde Bullet said...

That's so great that your work encourages fitness. I've always wanted to have co-workers to race with. That's awesome!

Oh and the little one is adorable!