Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm really struggling with training this week. It's not so much that I don't want to run because I really do, but I'm having trouble finding time and making it happen.
Normally, I try and get my Mon, Wed, Friday runs in on my lunch hour, but this week it has been HOT! Or Raining! Ughhh! When my lunch runs don't work out, I usually run later in the evening after dinner and play time with the monkeys. I have an amazing family friend (LOVE YOU LIZZIE!) or my mom who both help me watch the kiddos so I can get my runs in. They were in Vegas this week, and I really realized just how lucky I am to have them! I had no one to call over at 8:30 at night to sit and hang out for an hour while I go out huffing around the neighborhood. They got home today (THANK GOD!) and I'm really hoping to get back on track. Here's somewhat of a breakdown this week so far:
Monday: Supposed to run 4 miles. Nasty at lunch so I chose to run in the pool (I am blessed to have a pool with a treadmill for low impact training!) I managed to get 26 minutes in and was going to take another run after work but I forgot that I started a parenting class Monday night. See post below regarding this.
Tuesday: kickboxing/circuit training for 30 minutes
Wednesday: Supposed to run 6 miles. Was going to run at lunch and AGAIN it was overheating. So I went to eat with my girls instead. SIGH! Thought about getting on my treadmill in my basement, but by the time I got the kids home from swim lessons, dinner made, kitchen cleaned, kids bathed and down for the night, it was already 10:30. WTH? Couldn't find or muster the energy to get it done.
Today: Supposed to be a rest day, but now I'm 10 miles behind in my training plan and really need to get my ass moving. I decided to get at least 4 in at lunch, walked outside and straight into a wall of 85 degree weather with 90% humidity. So I turned around and walked to the dreaded treadmill. While it's not my favorite workout, I was able to get 4 miles in 35 minutes. Much faster than I normally run, but I'm trying to work on the speed/hill workouts on my training plan. I was hoping to come home and get another 6 miles in later this evening, but instead was greeted with a sky that looked like this :(
Can I please get a break?? I knew going in that it was going to be time consuming, but I didn't realize how much of a struggle it would be between time for running/time for family. And I'm not even to my high mile weeks yet. I really need a running stroller so that at least when my older two monkeys are with their dad, I can still get out with Jaxon. My aunt said she may have one for me, and I'm hoping that all works out soon because I think that may help.

Anyways, done whining, onto 3 things Thursdays!

1) Monday night I started a parenting class call "I am, too, the boss of you." It's a technique that helps empower children by giving them choices and teaching them how to be responsible and that choices has consequences. I just started reading the homework assignment (I know, but I've been so busy!) and so far I'm really liking it. I've had a lot of issues with my older two monkeys lately, and I feel that I need to get it under control before they are teenagers. I sometimes think that the divorce really did a number even though my ex and I get along really well now. My favorite thing I learned was a comment that Dot had made..."start with the end in mind." Basically, I should look and see what I want from my kids in the future...I want them to grow up to be responsible, respectful and passionate. I want them to have a zest for life and to believe in themselves. This is what I need to adjust my thoughts to when I'm thinking about what I'm working on now. Happy children.

2) I have another busy weekend ahead. We are thinking about heading over to Lake Michigan on Saturday to hang out for the day, but we will wait and see what the weather says. We are also having a party at work tomorrow where we are closing early and busting out the Hawaiian theme in celebration of 23 years in business. Our work is providing lunch, beer and games:) Should be a great time!

3) Last, but never least, today is my best friend Lindsay's birthday!
On your 29th birthday I wish I could be there to celebrate with you! I hope you have the most amazing day ever. Never before have I had a friend who is so endearing and real with me. Thank you for always being honest with me (even when I had my fingers jammed in my ears)...thank you for believing in me when I found it difficult to believe in myself...thank you for supporting me when I was stubborn and pig headed...thank you for helping me with stupid mistakes (you know what I'm talking about!!) My life changed the day I met you, and for this, I am forever grateful.
South Carolina may be far...but you're never far from me:) BE THERE SOON!
Love you and hope you have an amazing time in Disney!

Thanks for "listening" to my random freak out. i will get my butt in gear tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend! Make sure you check out the sweet give aways posted on the side of my blog!


abbi said...

Hope the weather and your schedule coordinate soon! I know it's hard sometimes to get everything in. I'd say just do what you can and don't worry too much about it if you have a miss a few! Have a great weekend!!

Irrational Dad said...

Dude, you got about 6 hours more exercise this week than I did. I'm sure after being gone for a week, your mom is going to need a Monkey fix and you'll be able to double-time it and catch up. ;)

Evolving Through Running said...

Erika - regarding your blog comment - I wish I knew how to link the Garmin maps to a blog post in an easy/pretty way. I actually end up doing a screen capture from the Garmin site, resizing and adding a drop shadow in Photoshop or Powerpoint, then putting the maps onto the blog as a picture. Way too many steps and way too time consuming, but I don't know of an easier or quicker way. I'll let you know if I get a chance to play around with it and figure something out.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

That class sounds great. It's hard to remember that to have children who grown up to be able to handle decision-making we have to allow them to do it now. It's easy to fall into "just do it because I told you so". While I don't want to negotiate everything with my kids, I do want them to be able to speak their minds, offer their opinions and know how to apporopriatly do those things as they mature.

I hope your weather cooperates for you! You are doing a great job fitting it all in.

teacherwoman said...

I have a hard enough time scheduling it all in and it's just me. Kudos to you and getting it done with 3 little ones.

and the parenting class sounds fun and I am sure you reap the benefits!

the dawn said...

is that treadmill thing like the one that deena kastor used in the movie "spirit of the marathon" ? i was super intrigued by it. i think it's important to not freak out too much when you miss a workout or two. you can't really go back and "make up" those miles without risking injury, so just move on and stay positive. if you dwell on the negative side too much then you're spending all your energy instead of saving it for when you need it to run. you are going to get the schedule back under control, so don't beat yourself up in the mean time :)

Tricia said...

hope you have a great week!