Sunday, July 25, 2010

POW...week 4, DONE!

I can't believe that I've now finished 4 full weeks of marathon training! It seems that time is FLYING! A week from today is Chicago and I'm so pumped! I seriously can't wait!
This week my runs looked something like this:
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 9 miles
Thursday: Leg strength training with Nick
Friday: Rest
Saturday: supposed to run, but missed the mark. Did walk about 3 miles or more with friends around Rochester Hills
Sunday: I stayed with my newest GYRO girl Christina in Rochester Hills and we set out for a 4 miler early this morning. (She's new to bloggy land so if you get a minute, stop by and welcome the newest GYRO member!) After about 1 1/2 miles in, she had a huge blister pop on her foot so we ended up walking the rest of the way back. It was super fun to just enjoy the beautiful park where she lived (seriously, if I lived here, I would be a CRAZY runner person just to explore!!) I had so much fun just talking about running and life in general. I can't wait to head there for another run sometime very soon!!
So my 10-12 miles turned into 2 1/2, but I will give it a whirl tomorrow. I honestly can't believe just how sore my legs are STILL from my workout with Nick on Thursday. My quads, hamstrings, hell, even my shins! I'm trying to decided if I want to workout with him again this week, or take it easy because I'm worried about being too sore for next Sunday...hmmm...what do you think?
Other than that, I've been pretty busy. I went to the Tigers game today (booo that they lost, but it was a good time!) I had an amazing night out with my friends in Rochester Hills last night (Alayna did too!)
Any upcoming races this weekend?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


Nicki said...

way to go on week 4! :)

Julie said...

Congrats on finishing week number four! I think it is great that it is going well for you! GOod luck with tomorrows run:)

Middle Name Marie said...

Congrats on week four.

I am dying to get a race in--even if it is just a 5k.

As far as working out with Nick goes, it is really your call. If you want to compete this weekend, then maybe not. If you are just using this weekend for training, maybe working out with Nick will just make you stronger for your bigger goal of a marathon...

Thomas said...

Great progress, Erika! Keep it up!

abbi said...

You are right...time is definitely flying! Keep up your great work...always amazing how sore you can be after using some different muscles!

suzy@countdownto26.2 said...

9 miles on a weekday is not joke! How do you fit that in mid week!? Great job!

Molly said...

Week four already! So far, so good!

the dawn said...

sounds like that leg workout is pretty intense! i'm sure that it will pay huge dividends in the long run. way to go!! can't wait to virtually cheer you on this weekend :) said...

Your awesome sister sue! Your gonna kill it in Chi town this weekend!!!!! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

nice work girl! keep it up!

I always tend to not do any strength training the week of a race because running sore sucks!

Christina M. Helsel said...

This post finally made it's way onto my Google Reader--and I had to laugh at the last paragraph when you said, "Alayna did too!" All I could think was, "Who is this Alayna girl and why don't I remember her?"

Glad you enjoyed Rochester. I'll keep you posted about any races they have around here--I know they have a few throughout the year.

Congrats on week 4! Can't wait to hear how Chicago goes--I'm sure it will be amazing!

runningitoff1 said...

Good work! I notice your in Michigan, where I grew up. Congrats on training for a marathon. I look forward to training for my first which is in May 2011.