Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's a Wrap...Week 2!

Whew...what a week. It's been a bit crazy here on the home front, but the exciting thing is that I've successfully completed week two of training and am feeling fantastic! Here's a breakdown of the week so far:
Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: kickboxing for 30 minutes
Thursday: 6 miles
Friday: Killer 4 miles with Nic and 45 minutes of kickboxing
Saturday: 1 mile (see below)
Sunday: 8 miles

Grand total for the week: 23 miles

I'm learning that I need to be flexible with my training as things often come up! Wednesday I was supposed to go to a good form running class...and showed up an hour late because I wrote the wrong time down! SIGH! I did learn some sweet stuff which I will share in just a minute!

Saturday we were supposed to get up and run 8 miles. Nic called and we decided not to go, and when Ayden woke up, he wanted to know if he missed out on the jog. I told him that we hadn't gone, and he announced that he wanted to go jogging with me:) Ok! But he insisted that I wear Jorge so we would know just how far we went. We made it .2 of a mile before we walk/ran the rest of the way home. Happiest 20 minutes of my weekend, hands down!

Today I finally got my 8 miles in:) Abbey (my sister in law basically) is getting into running again and decided that she would like to join me! So off we went. Our splits look something like this:
Mile 1: 10:55
mile 2: 11:15
mile 3: 11:05
mile 4: 11:55
mile 5: 12:21
mile 6: 11:55
mile 7: 13:22
mile 8: 13:56

First let me say that I am so super proud of Abbey! She has NEVER ran 8 miles at one time before and was setting huge goals! Game plan: Nice and Easy!
We both decided to not listen to our music and it was actually really nice. We did a little stint through the country where we slowed down at mile four to take this picture of the sun set and try a sport bean thing (I'm in the process of experimenting with food while running to see what works best for me. If you have any suggestions of what you like or what works great, I'm always down for some advice:)

Around mile 5...I could tell she was tired, but amazingly enough, I seriously felt GREAT~ my knees had an occasional twinge, but I could have kept running forever! Honestly, my heart rate was only at 159 which is super low for me! So...what can I possibly talk about for 1 hour and 36 minutes with no music?? Cool little tricks that they taught at that class...which make me think about my form and what I'm doing. Here's a few of there suggestions:

~land on your midfoot: surprise, surprise, I used to land HEAVY on my heels! No wonder my knees hated me!!
~lean forward slightly: but not so far that it looks like you're an 80 year old Yoda (me when i'm dying and tired:)
~keep your head still: I'm terrible about cocking my head to the right, especially when i'm tired! And I tend to swing my pony tail all around: note to self, takes up too much energy!
~arms go straight back and forth: don't let them cross your body. bad habits die hard
~drive with your knees: again, I worked really hard on picking my knees up and was surprised at how much faster my pace felt!
So...they told us to set our watch for every two minutes, and to pick one of these things and try to focus only on it for 30 seconds. So I just keep chanting it to myself, and I'm amazed at how much better I feel! It's crazy! I'm hoping to get up there and take the class on TIME and possibly the second class they are going to offer this fall.

Here's Abs and I after her first 8 miler! Way to go Gaston! I'm so proud of you for not giving up when you really wanted to (she had that look in her eye like she would have thrown me in front of the next car if she could!)

Last but not struck me today:

19 days until my rock n roll chicago half!
and I'm totally encouraged after our run today that maybe my goals of a new PR are obtainable!

All right folks, I gotta hit the hay.
Are you training for any races, and what's your secret weapon when it comes to fueling?
Have an amazing week!


Missy said...

Congrats to your sis-in-law on 8 miles! that's fantastic!

abbi said...

Sounds like a great week! I like the idea from your running form class about concentrating on one of the items for different, short time periods. Might have to try it!

Middle Name Marie said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had never heard about the Jellos/Iron connection--Thanks! I can totally handle eating more of the giggly stuff :):):)

I am so bad about landing mid-foot. For some reason, it just seems unnatural to me--but I do need to try to make it work! For fuel on the run, I often turn to GU. The name sounds gross, but it fits the product well. It comes in lots of flavors--my favorite is Chocolate Outrage. GU is easy swallow, has good flavor and you don't have to chew it up like you do the sport beans. The pouches are small enough to be carried, but you can buy a fuel belt to store them or--do what I did during my first marathon--safety pin them to your waistband. I usually just ditch the pouch at a water station during a race.

Leslie Collins said...

i envy you for your running talents! i would probably keel over and die before i was able to run 8 miles. sigh. :-) said...

Nice job on the 8 miles sister sue!! :) so proud of you and abby boo! LOL.... ughh that rhymes! hehe!!!

i so could have brought jack jack home... brian isnt even here and i'm BORED!!!! boooooo!

Tricia said...

great job ladies!

the dawn said...

wow...i can't believe that it's only 19 days! i keep forgetting that it's july. mid-july actually. craziness. august is only 19 days away...

Molly said...

Nice job on the 8 miler! In the past month I've started to use gels on my long runs, I usually take one after five or six miles. I also discovered nuun, it's an electrolyte drink that is awesome.

Circus Daily said...

Hey awesome to find your blog after seeing your comments on mine. I'm reading about all your miles logged and have to admit I'm jealous over here and cant wait till I can start up some form of exercise again. Good luck with your upcoming races...keep the posts coming.

Your children are adorable by the way.


Circus Daily said...
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Circus Daily said...
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Circus Daily said...

HAhahaha, sorry i left the same comment 3 times...WHOOPS...deleted 2 of my repeats. My bad. ;-)

Lindsay said...

That is an awesome week!! Great job!

Lindsay said...
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