Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 things thursday

Oh where, oh where have the days gone to?
Oh where, oh where can they beeeee......

1) OMG! 10 days until Chicago! EEEKKKKKK! I'm really excited about how my running has been going. Not as fast, but I'm happy that I've been getting out there and getting my longer runs in...and that I'm feeling good while I'm doing them and not dying afterwards like I used to! Wednesday night I was supposed to run 6 and ended up running 9...not anything super fast, but a really nice pace. Pushed through hills, coasted on a few. It's the first time I ever ran 9 and felt like I COULD have kept going if I wanted to. My average heart rate wasn't even in the 180's like when I usually run, I think it was right around 172. Regarding Chicago, we were going to stay with my high school friend, but she called to say that she wasn't going to be in town! BUMMER! But she was kind enough to open up her apartment for us and let us stay there...a mile from the start line! Thank you so much Jo Jo and Jackie! Sad that we won't be hanging out, but we are super grateful for place to crash! Speaking of long's time to break down and buy some sort of watering device, whether it be a hand held bottle or water belt. That 9 miler was only a little miserable because I didn't have anything to drink! I will be traveling to the running store soon to pick something up! What do you prefer to run with?

2) I'm loving my parenting class. One of my goals at the beginning was to be able to enjoy a dinner together as a family with no melt downs. On Tuesday, much to my amazement, every melt down was short lived, and literally, we ate an entire meal with no screaming, crying or name calling. WTH? Bliss, I tell you. Now if only we could conquer bedtime!

3) My work has been CRAZY busy lately. Yesterday a news crew showed up to tape a commercial. I was told that they may take a few clips of us working in the pool with our patients, but not to worry, I wouldn't have to talk or anything. Sweet because I choose sleep over getting ready that morning! Needless to say, a few minutes later they asked about an interview regarding aquatic therapy...super SIGH! Can you say camera right in my face! I seriously don't know how people on reality shows can handle it, let alone make out with the camera right there! I only stumbled over a few lines and managed to get the rest out with only a few "ummms"! Ha! Can't wait to see that production!

On another note, I forgot to mention that I started my workouts with Nick today! I think my legs are seriously in trouble tomorrow...hell, I may need assistance getting on and off the toilet! Squats, jumps and crunches OH MY! I'll keep you posted.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!


the dawn said...

good work with your dinner triumph! keep it up!

abbi said...

great job on the runs! and, I'm sure you were super excited to get through a meal with no screaming...sounds like a great week!

Missy said...

Congrats on your long run! That's fantastic, I will be starting those when I start my Half Marathon training in September. I'm super excited and can't wait! said...

Remind me and i will hook you up with some good info about water stuff!

Julie said...

Woo hoo, great job on your long run! I would be so excited to be running Chicago:)

What commercial are you going to be in? My first degree was broadcast journalism and I have been in serveral commercials. That was my favorite part of my job...getting to do the commercials:)

Good luck with the rest of your chicago training!