Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunny Sanibel

Greetings from Florida! We (as in myself and traveling Nicole) FINALLY arrived in Sanibel last night at 3:30am...a far cry from my original eta of 3:00pm. SIGH!
When I arrived at the airport, I found out that they had overbooked my flight by 3 people and asked that people with flexible travel plans would mind taking a later flight. I didn't really want to because I was looking forward to a day in the sun, but then they mentioned a $400.00 flight certificate, free food and a first class ticket on the way, YEA! Then I could totally not have to worry about how am I going to pay for Long Beach because it's FREE! WHoOt! As I was sitting there waiting for my vouchers, this lady invited me to come sit in the Sky Lounge because she thought I would be more comfortable. She is supposed to stay with me, but left with her friends and me to explore. Um...have you ever been in a sky lounge??? I'm not sure, you must have to fly a lot, but we're talking free drinks (beer, wine, liquor, you name it) and snacks galore! It was heaven and the only way to waste hours in the airport! I watched some soccer, edited some pictures and decided that Flat Nicole was getting a little bored and maybe she wanted to read the new Runners Magazine that I just picked up.

I think she looks good on the cover! I then got a text from my friend Joe and his plane had made a quick landing in Detroit, so I decided to leave the bloody Marys and venture to find him. I found him just as he was getting ready to board his plane to New York:( I decided to grab a bite to eat and then venture to the gate. Upon arrival...I was instantly not so flight had been delayed until 9:15! Flat Nicole wanted to give a thumbs down to the empty plane spot but sadly her thumbs are stuck in the up position!

What! I'm now going on 12 hours in an airport and I may be going crazy. So we decided to go shopping, one of Flat Nicole's most favorite activities where she picked out a sweet engagement ring for Flat Brian to give her...

After what seemed like forever, we finally were able to board our plane and were in the air by 10:00. First class is AMAZING! Do you know that once again, you can drink whatever you want? And they bring you a basket of food to choose from? Peanut butter cups, twix bars, apples, bananas, sun chips...and they say, "take as much as you want!" I was totally spoiled and read an amazing gossip magazine about my ex-love Jake from the bachelor (thank God him and Vienna are OVER! I can't believe he fell for that anyways!) Flat Nicole liked the pillow and People Magazine as well:)

When I finally landed, got to my hotel and settled in, I was exhausted. This place is super nice and I had an amazing day! I learned a ton! I especially LOVED the advanced lumbar stabilization class...and I'm glad that teacher is teaching two others classes I signed up for because she's really good! The view from my balcony is nice...although it's supposed to rain for the rest of the week, so cross your fingers that it stays nice!

(The view from our hotel)
On a running note, my training plan started today. I ran after spending 8 hours in a pool and my legs felt a little like jello...and it was HUMID and HOT! They have a really nice little track and I managed to get my four miles in. It was a little crazy because these things

are constantly jumping out in front of you. I also saw a lot of little lizards things...crawling things make me nervous!
Anyways, I'm sure I'll be back around soon with more Flat Nicole stories! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

5 comments: said...

Flat nicole is having a grand time! Flat Nicole will be a world tracker by the end of the year! I'll need a flat Erika to take with me to NYC!!! Bahahahahaha love and miss u!! Be safe!!

the dawn said...

awesome that you got free tickets AND a first class flight! perfection.

Katie A. said...

Glad you stopped by! Loved this post! And you're right - first class is the ONLY way to fly. I have to warn you, once you fly 1st class, it's HARD to go back with all the commoners in coach :)
Congrats on choosing LB! This is your first full? You'll do great! If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me, I'll be glad to help! Have a fun & safe trip!

Anonymous said...

haha too funny! Love the little crab :)

Molly said...

I was in a lounge once, and kept eating everything even though I wasn't hungry!