Sunday, June 6, 2010

Notre Dame Race Recap...

Ladies and Gents...
Let the shit show begin!

This weekend was a weekend that I won't soon forget. I learned A LOT of very important lessons if I'm going to continue running races.

If you want to wear cute matching clothes, don't expect the FedEx man to show up on time.
Nicole and I both took Friday off work so that we could leave early (around noon) to head to South Bend. We knew there were some sweet malls that we could hit up and wanted to check out some cool stuff down town. Nicole had a shirt from a previous race and we though it would be fun if I ordered on too and we sported them to the expo. This sweet shirt from Nike has a cheeseburger running on it who is exclaiming Tasty...and underneath it says "runners have the best buns!" Hilarious. Needless to say, it was kind of a last minute decision, but they said it would get here on Friday. Sweet! We waited...called the FedEx people 100 times, led to believe it was on one truck, then that they couldn't find it...sigh. Disaster. We left without the shirt because the expo closed up at 8 and we needed to get to our race packets. It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive AT LEAST, especially on a Friday night when everyone and their grandma's are out driving 10 below the speed limit. Oh well, while that was a big FAIL, at least we had cute run outfits!

pack your bags the night before and double check that you have EVERYTHING you will need for a race!

When we arrived in South Bend we stopped at a seriously amazing mall! Huge! Wish we had one like it here...anyways, checked into the hotel, grabbed some of the most amazing pizza ever, scooped up some coconut water from meijer and headed back to the hotel to get ready for the morning. I was unpacking my bag, getting my belt ready, packing candy, got my watch, earphones...hell...where's my Ipod??? Are you fricken kidding me? Melt down in3...2...1!
Holy hell, I can't run without my keeps me sane, pushes me on. I'm almost in tears, literally freaking out. Nicole comes to the rescue, she has another Ipod. Sweet mother of Jesus, thank GOD!!!
I'm also realizing that I forgot my heart rate monitor (I know, not nearly as important to some, but to me because I get a bonus if I work out at 60% of my heart rate, and I knew this would count as a 5 hour workout!) Oh well, it's good. I shower, paint my nails (black sparkles to match our outfits) and hit the hay. Oh, but not before I almost pee my pants laughing so hard at Timmis. This hotel that we stayed at was a little different. It was an extended stay our room was a full size fridge and even a dishwasher! On the counter was a list of prices should anything come up missing...
for example:
phone $50
lamp $125
towels $25
and on and on and on...we found this hilarious, and Timmis called the front desk to inquire about the price of the TV and if it comes with a manual and remote! Not only were we all dying laughing, the lady at the front desk informed him without missing a beat that the TV was $800 and then lost it laughing as well! Ahhhh, good fun!


We get up, get all super cute...Timmis makes fun of us because we are doing our hair and dancing around the room to Katy Perry...and match?!? But hey, I think we look pretty cute!

As soon as we step outside we are hit with 75 degrees and about 100 percent humidity. No joke. We parked on the very top floor of the garage and it's beautiful! BUT IT'S NASTY. Weather, I mean.
We did manage to get these super cute picts from the top of the garage!

We head towards the start but decide to try and find a potty first...

When walking, always watching were you are stepping, especially if you are about to run a big race.

In our search for a bathroom, we pass the portapotties and I step half in a pot hole and roll my ankle in front of everyone, nearly fall on my ass. Seriously? I hate my foot. Biofreeze? No thanks, not taking my shoe off until after the race to assess the damage in case it decides to swell. SIGH!

In all the craziness, we are looking for our 4th girl who was supposed to meet us down there, but we hadn't heard from her yet. We find her about 2 minutes before the race starts, and here's lesson number 4..but first, a quick pic of the 4 of us...

Don't ever get drunk the night before a run.

She had gone out with her friends and was still a little tipsy! By this time, we are all already sweating because it's so gross out, and we haven't even started moving yet. Oh well, gun fire, away we go. For this race, I decided to try and run with my friend Tonya because I would really like to run the whole way. At the first mile, I could already tell that this was going to be awful. We all looked as if we had just stepped out of a swimming pool and my fingers were so sweaty I couldn't change the songs on Nicole's Ipod (it's a nano with the spinning dial thing)...and while I love Eminem sometimes, I really, really needed to hear something that I know the words and can sing along with...that the beats match my steps and helps keep my tempo...I know, this probably sounds weird, but I LOVE music and there are certain songs that I NEED to hear when I feel like I'm dying. I know I looked at Tonya at one point and said, seriously, I would pay someone $100.00 if I could listen to my song right now. Which one, she asked. I said either Rusty Halo by the script, or Quitter by Carrie Underwood. While she didn't have either of those songs, she traded me her shuffle for my Ipod where I could jam to some Brittany Spears (whom I'm not a fan, but some of her songs work for me.)

I don't even need to post my splits because they are terrible. We walked through all the water stations, and at mile 4 I applied Biofreeze to my knee because somehow that decided that it also wanted to make an appearance. I think we ran 9:40-10:30ish for the first 5 miles or so. At mile 6, I was done. Had enough. My knee hated me, I was over heated, and tired. And missing my fuel (music) for my head. SIGH!!!
I ended up walking the entire 8th mile, and walk ran the rest of the way, with more walking than running. Every time I landed on my left leg, I felt like I was getting stabbed in the knee. With a rusty knife. At mile 10, some of the marathon runners started showing up with us, and it was super motivating...hell, these people just finished mile 23 and they are still going! At mile 11 I saw a man go down. Literally. Kind of just passed out. They of course rushed him, got him water and ice and called 911. Like I said, it was HOT!!! I have NEVER in my life been as happy to see the finish line as I was there. And I was super grateful that the end of this race was not uphill, although there were some beastly hills on this course.

Finishing time: 2 hr 36 min 39 sec
Obviously, you can see why I'm not dancing. BUT, I am proud that I finished.
I then learned that my friend Sami had puked on the 50-yard line (way to go!) but was in the med tent on IV's...not so cool. Drinking before running...mental note made:)

It will get easier if I stick with it

I say this because after my first 1/2, I really thought that I was going to die. My stomach was a mess, I couldn't walk for 3 days...and after my race yesterday, once I got showered and food...I was okay. I took a quick 20 minute cat nap, (although I probably could have slept a lot longer). I woke up this morning with a little bit of back pain, but my legs feel okay as well (okay, minus the effing knee)...chalk it up to walking more/running less or because it's getting easier for my body to tolerate the longer distance, but I'm not as fearful anymore.
Onto training for Chicago...

How did your races go this weekend??
Look forward to an upcoming post of the newest GYRO group...coming soon!


Alison said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. Congrats on Finishing another run. said...

Way to go sweetie! I'm so so so proud of you! Like i said, I never wanted to run again after my first experience. You did so wonderful though! I admire your hard work and your focus with running, I am so proud of you Erika! <3

You will rock chicago! Promise... maybe, just maybe i will tag along for support... maybe that would be better anyway!!!

love you!

the dawn said...

Wow! Sounds like the weather was TERRIBLE! I know that it's been crazy in Michigan, but I was hoping for your sake this weekend would calm the heat/humidity down...guess not.

Good work on finishing! Races like this help you to discover what you're made of, and it sounds like you're strong and determined. Way to be!

Are you doing the full or half in Chicago? I'm trying to convince the husband that we should go spectate. I'm planning on running the Grand Rapids full and it's the next weekend... Happy Running!

Rad Runner said...

Good job! We will just have to file a complaint with the BBB in regards to mother natures workings... and total props on the matching with the girls, I am a SUCKER for that.