Sunday, June 13, 2010

GYRO...and a few pictures

First things first...I got these pictures from our race in South Bend last weekend...I love the first one, you can hardly tell that I'm dying a slow and miserable death:)

And I can't forget a super cute one of Maddie in her dance costume because she looks so cute!

Gosh...she looks like she's 18...I was seriously having flashforwards while we were in the car driving to JCC. I think I could be in trouble.

Onto the reason for this post...GYRO!

I found a GRYO page with this sweet header on Nicki's page...they created a running club if you will that gets together for weekly runs! (Gyro logo from Sarah's blog) While I mostly run with Nicole, we thought it might be fun to get a bunch of people together to run! Because we've been running in Kalamazoo A LOT lately with my friend Tonya, we asked her and some of her running friends if it was something they would be interested in, and we all agreed! How fun! (I'm secretly hoping that I can get Tonya Rae blogging!) Once a month, we hope to meet in someone's hometown for a training run, and if people are up for it, run a race every couple months! OR we could use GRYO as a virtual run group for those that are too far away to meet for runs! Any ideas to get this up and running, I'm all about suggestions! But I think it would be amazing! The more, the merrier! Let me know what you think!!

This week/weekend has been the LONGEST EVER! I'm so excited to lace up my running shoes for a run tomorrow that I can hardly stand it. I can't wait "get my run on"...I'm thinking 4 tomorrow, but we will see how it plays out! I was unable to run the rose run this weekend:( but am looking forward to maybe the Kalamazoo Classic 10K this weekend! Then I'm off to Florida for an entire week and CAN NOT WAIT!!! Running beach side will equal AmAzInGnEsS!

I also can't believe that I'm quickly approaching my 300th post...I'm trying to think of something fun for that post...maybe a GYRO giveaway of some sort! Any suggestions?
Congrats and great work to all of my girls who raced this weekend!
Go out and get your run on!
Have an amazing week!


Sarah Wooldridge said...

Virtual GYRO! That sounds awesome. We are hosting a GYRO race on July 31st here in Virginia.. (it's free and we are using our Garmin watches to have the correct distance..nothing super official) Anyway, maybe that'd be a great day to have GYRO Michigan run too :)

the dawn said...

I vote yes! Count me in! I was thinking that the RnR half in Chicago would be really fun, but the price tag is a little too steep for me (especially after my big trip to San Diego). Currently I'm trying to talk my husband into going to Chicago to spectate the full in October. We have a friend running it, and I'd love to watch Ryan Hall attempt to break the world record. If we don't connect there, I'll look forward to seeing you and friends at Grand Rapids.

If you're taking requests for the give away, I vote! I'm preparing my full review of their skirts. Now after San Diego, I'm pretty sure I'll never run in anything else (at least in the summer time).

Alison said...

What a great idea. Count me and my sister in. I also know 6 girls that are doing detroit in october and they might be up for this. you'll have to tell me more about it. And I must get back to blogging. said...

gyro gyro gyro!!!

so excited!

i'll show u my shirt tomorrow!

btw i'm going to die while your in florida!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute pics! You're littel girl is adorable in her dance outfit! Love that you and Nic are getting this whole GYRo thing rollin'! Sounds like a great group of girls :)

rebeccavalentine said...

you are looking good, erica! skinnie minnie! you are getting me motivated :)