Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 things Thursday

1) Today Ali and I got to photograph baby Brogan and he is sooo flipping cute! I picked a few of my most favorite pictures for you to all, didn't even realize how many I picked out until I tried to upload them! Isn't he adorable???

Giving 3 things Thursdays another shot!

2) I'm SUPER pumped for my run on Saturday, even though I'm totally preparing for a disaster. For the past 2 mornings I have woken up with a stuffy nose and sore throat. I'm attributing it to allergies, but even now, I can't breathe at all. Regarding the knee: While talking to a therapist at work, he thinks it sounds like a tendonitis/ITband issue:( Booo...but gave me lots of pointers on cross training ideas, especially if I want to kill Chicago in august! I'm looking forward to hanging out with Nicole, Tonya and Sami this weekend! Fun filled matchingness:) I'm also working on my playlist...question for all of you: What is the one song that totally pumps you up on your run? Or that your Ipod couldn't live without?!? Just trying to expand my music, folks! Let me know!

3) School needs to hurry and end! My kids have been so stir crazy and hard to put to bed because "it's still a nice day out, mom!" I know, I know, but seriously, it's 9:30, go to sleep! Then I have major grouchiness on my hands in the morning!

We're leaving for Indiana tomorrow at noon! Catch you on the flip side with hopefully a good, if not amazing, race report!

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melt my freaking little heart Brogan!!! auntie nicole loves you to pieces and will be over to see you NEXT week! ahhhh

the pics are amazing E... you and ali did a fabulous job! i think the best yet! it helps when you have a beautiful model too! the pics of him that are black and white really stand out because of his hair! he seriously is so cute! i love the one with the M tshirt on-- ahhhhhhh they all are so good!

see you tmro am! LOVE YOU!

the dawn said...

LOVE the pictures! When (if) I have a little one I'm totally going to have to take our family pictures!

I hope Saturday isn't too hot for you! Running in the direct sun is so draining. I'm hoping that it clouds over or something....

I started having some crazy knee pain and after changing shoes (which helped) I also started taking glucosamine supplements and I think it's made a huge difference. It's anti-inflammatory and helps to strengthen joints.

My favorite song to run with: Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings. The chorus goes "lace up your shoes, run baby run." LOVE it!

Have a great race!