Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 AmaZinG thiNgs ThuRsDay!

Well folks...thanks for all of your support and encouragement over my debating on running a full or not! After a lot of consideration I would like to share with you exhibit A:

16 weeks, starting Sunday this week (which is a rest day and a good thing since I'll be traveling to Florida!)
While I can't say if my knees are going to hold up, I've decided to go ahead and start training...I have until August 31 to pay to the marathon before the price goes up again. I think if Chicago goes well for me, it's game on:) If I'm hurting by then, then I always have the option to back off, but I will never know unless I try and there's no time like today to make it happen:) Someone told me to reach for the moon...and even if I miss I will still land among the stars! My great friend Nicole helped me tweak this plan just for me! (didn't she do a great job color coding it!!) I'm really pumped to start! My high mile weeks aren't over 35 which is about right, and I'm only running 4 days a week! It's a lot less exercise than I'm used too, and I'm sure I'll end up doing some cross training...while I love kickboxing, I need to find something that's not so high impact on the knees! Any suggestions?

2) We had our first GYRO run on Tuesday! While it was hot, I was super excited because I've never run the falling waters trail before so it was somewhere new! Nicole, Ginger and I ran 4 miles, slow but steady. Ginger is recovering from a fractured hip, and it was her first time trying to run 4 miles again! We ended up running a mile, walking 30 seconds for the first 2 miles, then running a half a mile walking 30 seconds until the end! I am so proud of Ginger!!!! Here's a sweaty shot after our run:)

I will miss my GYRO girls while I'm in Florida:(

3)I found this on MCM Mamma blog and thought it looked fun! You're supposed to take a picture of your fridge...the outside, inside and door.

My calendar is a necessity to keep track of all the monkeys, and I'm kind of a picture freak! Jax's magnets rule the bottom...and my old training plan is hung up (soon to be replaced by the one in exhibit A!)

Now I'm supposed to share with you...
few things I like - fresh fruit! strawberries, blackberries, name it, we LOVE it! (AJ's fave is "orange melon" though!)
what I can't live without - ketchup and kraft zesty Italian dressing..oh and CHEESE!
what I should live without - diet coke...I quit drinking so much and mostly drink water now, but I can't resist a can every now and then!
what I wish was in it: hmmm...maybe some of my fave wine being chilled...or a big bowl of cookie dough (although I'm trying to quit eating that too!)

I hope everyone has an amazing week! I'll probably be posting a lot from Florida...stay tuned for the adventures of Erika and Flat Nicole! bhaaaaaaa!


the dawn said...

Yay marathon training! So proud of you and excited to hear all about your journey. It's a long a sometimes painful road...but oh that finish line!

So, is GYRO going to do any Sunday runs? i can't do midweek or Saturdays, but let me know when there's a Sunday one and I'll be there! said...

i'm the best training plan maker ever! cant wait to do long runs together! love you RB! i'll miss you next week! thankfully falt nicole will be around to keep you company! hehehehehehehe

dawn, we could totally do sunday runs! lets set something up for july sometime!! email me!

Molly said...

You just won me over with the sight of vanilla flavored coffe mate in your fridge....oh, and 'cause you're running a marathon!

Julie said...

Hi Erika,
Awesome, we are training for a marathon at the same time:) I am in the first few weeks of my training...this will be my first and I am terrified!

I am now following you too:) We can journey through marathon training together! I can't wait:) Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

yay for mary training! Can't wait to follow your progress and see you in LB :) Have a great vacation! Take lots of pics!!!

Page said...

Wahoooooo!!!! Congrats on deciding to train! You're going to do great and I'll see ya in LB.