Wednesday, June 23, 2010

18 months AlReAdY?!?!?

18 months ago mommy looked like this...and Maddie was trying to floss your teeth through my belly button!

Who would have though that 18 months ago I had these three monkeys on my hands??

I can hardly believe that you are already 18 months old!!
I am forever grateful that you are an amazing little boy! I have been somewhat lucky with you, although this past month you have really been head strong and I can see the terrible two's in your near future! I have loved watching you turn from this small shy thing into a little firecracker! Here are some pics from the past few months that I love!

Here are the pics I took today right before the big storm came...I only wanted a cute one of you in your boots...but you weren't having it. You were much more interested in pushing the stroller around!

We call you Lynus (or however you spell that from Charlie Brown) because you drag this blanket EVERYWHERE! I think it was your first real word besides momma and Lexie!

At 18 months you also:
~usually sleep through the night, but occasionally go on spells where you don't sleep hardly at all!!
~Are starting to throw fits when you don't get your way!
~Love animals, especially Lexie and Butterball
~love tomatos, yogurt, and steak!
~are one of the cleanest kids I know! Seriously! You clean up after yourself and even wipe your dinner tray! (Or try I should say!)
~have a super special bond with AJ and Maddie that I LOVE to watch!
~You think grandma's car is yours:)

~LOVE talking on the phone!
~likes blocks, cars and trains
~knows most animal sounds like meow, arrff and quack
~knows nose and eyes, but we are still working on the rest
~can count to 3!

I feel more and more blessed everyday to have you in my life. While challenging, being your mom is the most amazing job in the world! I love you peanut!

4 comments: said...

I just love jack jack! He is so sweet and kind hearted!! It cracks me up when he talks an especially when he drags butterball around like that blankie! Bahahahaha auntie Nicole loves you jack jack!!! <3

teacherwoman said...

What a cutie! Happy 18 months to him! love all those pics!

Missy said...

OMG you have the cutest kids!

Page said...

Cowboy boots and the diaper! Hahaha, so adorable! Love it!