Saturday, May 8, 2010

I heart running pictures

wow...what a week! I've been soooo super busy with the monkeys, baseball, mothers name it, we've been doing it! My training is kind of screwed up, but I'm realizing that while it's great to have a plan, it's also important to be flexible!
Monday Nicole and I returned our race outfits that we didn't wear and headed to k-zoo to return my first running shoes. Since I tend to only pronate a little on the right, the extra support in the left was really throwing my left hip and knee all out of wack! Bryce was super nice and helpful and sent me home with these new kicks~

I was super excited to run in them on Tuesday, and I made it 5 miles with no hip or knee pain! whoot whoot! It was a difficult run for me though because my Ipod was DEAD and I've NEVER run without music. Sigh*
Wednesday I ended up kickboxing and then at AJ's baseball practice chasing the monkeys around the park.
Thursday: I'm not sure you can say I ran for miles, but I really wanted some family pictures for mothers day. So we went to the park and ran all over...up hills, down hills, rolling, hopping, skipping, hopscotching our happy butts off for 3 hours! My friend and fellow photographer Niki came to the park and took TONS of pictures which I've posted below...I love this moment that she caught between Jack and I...totally a sequence, but you have to see them all so you know why I'm making that crazy face!

After pictures and getting the monkeys to bed, I got to go have margaritas with Nic, Tara and Maritiza! It was fun meeting them, and I'm bummed that I couldn't run the 25K with them today, but I know they rocked it out and had a good time:) My only save is VEGAS BABY for a full in Decemeber! It's going to be AMAZING!

I ended up kickboxing at lunch yesterday, and I had to teach class last night. I was planning on running another 5 before class, but we had a HUGE, sirens for tornadoes and stuff! Needless to say, I didn't get my run in.
Planning on 8 a little later today, but right now it's super cold and windy. I'm hoping it will warm up a little!
I'm also excited because I finally got my new Ipod shuffle, but the old version! I have been borrowing Lizzie's, but I really wasn't loving the buttons on the ear phones because the right side was heavier and forever more falling out of my ear! I'm updating my playlist and pumped for later!
I hope everyone is have an amazing weekend!
Races in the future: Advanced packaging 5K this Friday
Ann Arbor 1/2 first weekend in June?!?
Chicago 1/2 August 1st
VEGAS for my first full Dec 5th!!!
Wow...what happened to me????


Alison said...

I love the pictures. You look amazing, super skinny. Vegas will be fun.

the dawn said...

Wowza! LOVE the pictures! The one you picked for you header is definitely my favorite. Love the attitude :)

Jessica Perry said...

I love these pictures as well! And you do look awesome! Are those shoes the Mizuno wave runners? I recognize them. I just went shoe shopping for running shoes.

erika said...

Jess-they are mizuno wave creation. I loved them my first run, but had a terrible run with them yesterday! I may be heading back looking for a different pair if my run today isn't any better:) Thanks! If you live around here and ever want to run, let me know! said...

LOVE the pics!!! when you taking mine sis?!? great job with the runs! find some shoes that work ya freak!

Missy said...

Fun pics, I love them!
Also, about your future marathon, you go girl! My friend and I are planning to do a 1/2 marathon in December, looks like everyone has the running bug!