Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally Over...thank GOD!

Happy Memorial Day!
I'm taking a time out from ranting and raving to say a HUGE thank you to all of our military men and women who unselfishly sacrifice time, talent and family so that my children and I can live freely!
ThAnK yOu~

Oh what a weekend. Out of town company x 2, a series of crazy events. I have seriously never been happier for a weekend to be over with!!
Top 3 Bummers:
1) Crashing my car, WTF? (Don't worry, everyone is okay, except my car, not so much)
2) Lack of running: Um...still, 100 degrees...1000% humidity. I did venture out for a run on Friday, but it turned into more of a walk/run because it was SOOOOO HoT!
3) Missing my monkeys: can't wait to get my monkeys back tomorrow. nuf said.

Top 3 yeas!
1) Brandon and Em had their baby Brogan. He's adorable. I can't wait to take pictures of him tomorrow!!
2) I got to hang with Lins! It's always fun to hang out with my bestie. she's one of those people that no matter the time or distance, things never change. She's always honest with me, even when I don't want to hear it, and she always has my back. I honestly don't know what I would do without her.
3) I got to sleep in today until 10:30. Can't tell you the last time that I've been able to do that, but it was AmAzInG!!!
Ok...and a running 4) This month I logged 53 miles running. Who would have EVER though it possible that I, Miss hate to Run, it's self punishment, would EVER run that far in one month? I am so happy and proud...I'm hoping to bump up to 60 miles for the month of June!

So, I'm super excited for the week. We have a big race in Indiana coming up Sat morning, and I'm really looking forward to it. I am a little nervous because my running has really taken a back seat to all the craziness and heat! After this race on Sat, I'm going to really have to kick it into training gear for the Rock n Roll run in August because I REALLY want to PR that race! I know this race for me will again be just a finish...but I am already planning on having so much fun!
Our race outfits, for one, are going to ROCK! We decided to go with a lime green/black theme...check out this super cute stuff we found at the outlets!

Super cute Nike Tempo shorts and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shirt from Champion. It's kind of empire waisted, so it's not tight on my stomach like some other running clothes I have. I'm sure it's for yoga or something, but honestly, I don't care.
I'm also really excited to use my new IFitness Belt!

I got one with the double pouch, except mine is purple and black. I love it because I can put my cell phone in one pocket and my starbursts and tissue in another. No more dropping things all over the ground while running, Whoot whoot!!

I hope everyone had a less eventful weekend than I did!
Race report on Notre Dame to come!

6 comments: said...

love you! cant WAIT for south bend!!

the dawn said...

I too love to shop the champion outlets! I have a couple pairs of shorty-shorts from there that I love love. Good luck at the run this weekend, you'll do awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have those same shorts :) they are very comfy! sorry to hear about the car accident :( i was in one earlier this year and it really sucked! glad you're ok though. Have a great race this weekend!

Missy said...

I definitely feel ya on the busy weekend, I had company too and it seemed like we moved at Mach-3 speed and never stopped! lol so needless to say I didn't get any runs in either...also awesome that you got an ifitness belt, I love mine! great investment!

Marathon Maritza said...

I love the iFitness belt!

Good luck at your half this weekend!!!!

Missy said...

Unfortunately my dinet set didn't make it in time, but its finally here so that's all that matters.
Thanks for the invite to Vegas, but that's a bit far for me this year, I'm down in NC...but hopefully one day we can run together! :-)