Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bleeding Green...

This Sunday I ran the Heart of a Spartan Run in Lansing. It seemed kind of crazy that I would already be looking for a race to run considering last weekend after my half I thought I was going to die, but I was SOOOO super stoked for this one. Mostly because it ended on the 50 yard line at Spartan Stadium!! Sweet!
I ended up not running Friday or Saturday because of all the crazy birthday celebrating, and I was a little nervous because I really wanted to have a good run. I was going to be running with my cousin (who is a super speedy cross country runner) and I didn't want to get out there and die a miserable death again.
When I woke up on Sunday...it was POURING! I've NEVER been one of those crazy people who go out and run in the rain. I usually pass those people in my car and think, "what the hell are they thinking?" And now, I'm becoming one of them? I was super torn on what to wear because while it was a little chilly, it was soooo super humid!
Anyways, the race started and we took off. Before we even started running, we were already soaked. Nearly to the bone. I had water dripping off every part of my body, it seriously felt like I had a snot faucet running. Seriously, gross! The puddles only became deeper and deeper and it wasn't long until it felt like I had a small puddle in my shoes. I did learn this....squishy shoes are NOT my favorite!
Mile 1-2 felt pretty good except I really had to pee...I don't know why I have such a phobia of using the porta potties before I run...it would save me so many headaches!
Splits were
mile 1: 8:58
mile 2: 8:42
mile 3: 8:52
mile 4: 9:00
mile 5: 9:17
mile 6: 9:29
By mile 5 I was seriously miserable. My feet were so squishy and I had to pee so bad. If I could have found a bush to dart behind, I seriously would have. The lady next to me said, "you're wet enough, you might as well just go."...thanks, but no, I'll hold it:) The last mile was along the Red Cedar and it was super nice...minus trying to jump over the puddles. Coming through the tunnel and down the middle of the football field...soooo sweet! I still felt okay (minus my bladders desperate need for relief!)
(That's me in the green crossing the finish line!!!)

My finish time was 56 min 45 sec. Whoot whoot! Super good for me, although I was shooting for 55 min. My sweet friend Nicole did remind me of a day in the gym 2 months ago when she put me on the treadmill and made me run 6 miles for the first time...and how it took me an hour and 10 minutes to complete it and how I almost died while doing it...and here I am, finishing strong, feeling great! I can't believe how far I've come in such a short time! It only makes me more excited to see what I can accomplish!

And I love my new running friend Jorge! He really keeps me on track, although I have to remember to not stare at him because then the miles seem to drag sometimes!

My cousin Katie, her friend Megan and I after the race
I'm looking forward to pushing on with this new training plan, and may have a half coming up sooner than expected:) We will see what June brings! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


the dawn said...

Awesome time! Seriously, in the rain? That's way impressive. How were your feet feeling after the run? I've heard that shoes loose 50% of their cushioning when they get soaking wet. It would be miserable if you got injured!

Good work!

And thanks for the encouragement, I really am trying to "man up"! I've been running every day this week and allowed myself no more pity parties :)

runnernic.com said...


I love you sister!!!

I love that you have manned up and really started to love this running! Its so nice having a buddy... how nuts am i for even considering ann arbor the weekend before chicago? effing crazy!!!! :)

anyways.. i love you and you must come out tomorrow night and meet the girls!! :) they will love you!