Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday Bash

Friday was AJ's 7th birthday and we had a weekend FULL of adventures! After school/work, we had a "friend" party with a few of his friends from school, my work and daycare. I was kind of last minute with the planning, so I was a little unsure of how many kids would actually come. I believe 12 ended up showing's a good thing I planned a few games to play!

We ate yummy sloppy joes and fruit and the festivities began! Lucky for us, the weather was beautiful! We headed outside for the balloon popping game, water balloon toss and pie eating contest (even though it was only whipped cream!) the kids thought this was hilarious and we had fun laughing at their messy faces!

Afterwards, we headed in for ice cream cake, and after singing happy birthday, all of the kids declined cake...they were all sugared out! I ended up having 5 boys spend the night at my house, and around 9 o'clock the boys were hilarious coming out all dressed up in Maddie's dress up clothes! I took lots of pictures for graduation boards in the future!

the next day we had a family party with more cake and all the goods...where AJ opened his new scooter! I'm also including a few pictures I snapped of Jaxon playing football at Kelsey's b-day on Sunday! It was a weekend FULL of birthday fun!

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