Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Countdown continues...

With my first half quickly approaching, I'm a little apprehensive because I haven't been able to run for the past 2 days. And it's looking unlikely that I will get to run tomorrow (ummm....sorry, but Carrie Underwood, row 17, need I say more!!) SIGH! Sunday at the end of my 5 miles, I stepped in a beautiful little pot hole and my ankle/foot has been SUPER sore.
So yesterday, my amazing friend/coworker/running buddy Nicole and I were talking about our race we have coming up. I'm trying to figure out realistic goals that I can reach (although I have set some mentally that if I can't reach this time, I'm totally shooting for it during the Dexter/Ann Arbor half)...oh hell, did I really just say that I am considering running another before I even have finished one? What is going on???)
Regardless...I'm really hoping to finish in under 2 hrs 30 mins. As long as my foot holds up and I don't die along the way, it's reachable! Nicole promised me that even if she has to carry me across the finish line, that I WILL FINISH!!!
She also mentioned that it's way more fun to dress like someone else...I don't have pictures yet, but there's a great chance my back will say, "where's Nicole?" and hers will say "where's erika?" HA! We had soooo much fun trying on running clothes and ate the most delicious dinner ever at Mongo, my fave! I got a sweet running coat at Playmakers, and I'll try to upload pictures soon!
We also stopped at Klavon's for delicious dessert served in a glass...super yummy!
Jorge is treating me well, but his stick sucks. I'm still having trouble uploading to the Internet, but eventually I will figure it out and am excited to see all of the potential ways to track miles!
So far miles this past week look like:
~Thursday: 4miles
~friday: rest for Sat!
~Sat: 9.3 miles (WHOOT, WHOOOT!!!!)
~Sun: 5 miles
~mondy: rest
~Tues: biked 5 miles (super easy, but Jorge died and I had to get to my monkeys!)

Hope everyone has a great week!


teacherwoman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sounds like your goal for the half is very attainable! Good luck with the rest of your training!

runnernic.com said...

SO SO SO proud of you EZE!!! <3 <3 Cant WAIT for our half next weekend! WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!

the dawn said...

You can do it!!!! All those little doubts in your head may not go away, but you can show them who's boss on race day :) I love that you are already talking about running another race! It truly is addictive. Welcome to the club!