Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mission Accomplished!!

It's Sunday, so that means only one thing! I have survived this weekend! I had so much fun with Nicole this weekend that it shouldn't be allowed!
Here's a little recap of the week!
Friday at work, my super sweet co-workers at the TJC sent us this!

Attached was a card from Niki telling me to man it! Friday after work, we came home, hung with the monkeys for a minute and then headed off to k-zoo to collect our race packets and to MONGO for dinner! When we arrived to pick stuff up, we were going to get some arm sleeves because it was supposed to be super cold and we were planning on wearing short sleeves! Sadly for us they had only black and we decided to race across town to try and get to the running store before close so we could get some! After scooping up sleeves and a slide for my belt to hold my phone, we headed off to Mongo for delicious dinner! Sadly the goofballs cooking our food were too busy flirting and being loud that we had a lovely burnt coloring to our meat. Nicole was FREAKING out and the guy asked her if she needed meat counsling! HA! We stopped at meijer so I could grab bananas for the morning, hair ties and a sharpie and headed over to Tonya and Timmis's to crash for the night.

Race morning...I was a little on the nervous side. It's only 13.1 miles right...all I have to do is finish. I had originally set a goal that I wanted to finish in 2 hours 30 min, but I am a little competitive and was also hoping that I could make it the entire course without walking. Up to this point, I have never ran farther than 9.3 miles in one day. Ever.

So, Nicole and I got all super cute in our matching shirts, braids and bows and headed to the course. We went with my college roomie and great friend Tonya and her husband Timmis who were also running the race! On the way there, I took care of my inspiration for when I felt like quitting...

and I was ready to go!
I knew Nicole was going for a PR, so when the race started I yelled, "kick some ass" and she took's my first lesson I learned. I started out way to fast. I normally run around a 9 min 20 sec mile. My first two miles, call it adrenaline, call it people, call it whatever, I felt great. And I ran too fast.
Mile 1-2: 8:48-8:43 But I was still feeling good, it was mainly flat and easy.
Mile 3-7: finally found my comfortable pace around 9:14-9:25
Then I turn the corner in mile 7 and see the HUGEST HILL I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Oh hell. And this is where my race pretty much declines at a rapid pace. It's up this effing beast that I walk/run (sigh) and turn the corner to a very pretty and HILLY park. Where I run, there aren't a ton of hills...a few, but nothing like this.
Mile 8 my time was 11:01 and it pretty much slowed from there.
Mile 9: I felt like I was dying a slow and miserable death. I choked on a starburst and almost coughed my lung out. Not so comical at the time, but hilarious when I look back. At this point, I also have to go to the bathroom so badly, I honestly though I was going to lose it, but I'm not as crazy as those people I saw running off into the woods to take care of business. It does make it much harder to run when you are squeezing everything together!
Mile 10: Second wind for most of it and managed to pull it together for a 10 min mile.
Mile 11: and death swarms over me again. My left hip flexor was killing, and it wasn't even so much a mental thing, but my legs had just decided that they really didn't want to run anymore. It was super frusterating.
Mile 12: I kept thinking, it's only ONE more mile, just push it! And then I saw her...Nicole came back for me! It was seriously the happiest point of my race! I told her that I hated her (but loved her) and that I was tired and how I really wanted to walk. She said look down, MAN UP! RUN!!! So I did. The last .1 of the race, I was by myself, and I started panicking because everytime I tried to push off, my calves were cramping so badly, but I really didn't want to stop. (Me in the orange shirt almost done!!!)

My offical time:
2 hr 14 min 15 sec

WHOOT WHOOT! I beat what I had originally set out to do, and Nicole PR by 5 min running a 1 hr 47 min race!

Tonya's mom took us out for a super yummy breakfast afterwards! It was so fun to hang out with them and I'm so blessed to have so many great people in my life.
I will say this...while I am proud of my accomplishment, I have a few things that I wish I would have done, I'm setting new goals which include running Chicago Rock~n~Roll 1/2 marathon August 1st which I'm signing up for tomorrow if I got the approved time off work! I'm also going to train this time, and my next goal would be to run in 2 hr 5 min. I have a whole bunch of friends that want to run Chicago, so I think it will be so much fun!! I'm potentially holding off on my July trialthon because I'm still not sure about vacation...oh, and if training continues to go great, my co-worker Cheryl and I want to run the Kalamazoo Marathon next year. Right this second, my legs are questioning my sanity, but my heart is feeling the love:)
Hope everyone had an amazing of a weekend as I did!

12 comments: said...

GREAT race report girl!!!! I'm SOOOO proud of you!!!!! :) :)

WOOT WOOT for catching the running BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh!!!

Love you!

Nicki said...

Way to go!!!!!! I loved reading about your race! Hills are really tough... I feel ya! And I love that you're already thinking ahead to your next race. Good luck in your continued training!

teacherwoman said...

Nice finish time, girl! Great job on your half marathon!

I remember almost choking on a jolly rancher when I did my first half ... scary. but, kinda funny at the same time!

Alison said...

Way to go. You did awesome. We will have to go running sometime if you don't mind running slow with me. I run more like an 10-11 min mile.

the dawn said...

What an amazing time!!!! Seriously? 2:14 is ridiculous!!! So happy for you and your accomplishment. And, even more excited that you're already planning your next race and setting new goals for yourself. Absolutely Fabulous!

X-Country2 said...

Awesome job!! Love all the orange. :o)

Anonymous said...

congrats on your 1/2!!!! hills are sure tough and you did great on pushing through them! Glad you see some more races in your future :)

Jackiedlc said...

WOW Erika congratulations!!! Half Marathon is amazing... And awesome finish time.. Is people like you who inspired me to push foward..

You ROCK!!!

Missy said...

Congratulations Ericka! You did it!
That is so awesome! I am seriously contemplating running a 1/2 marathon at the end of the year as one big blowout after running a bunch of 5ks and you have given me inspiration for that!

P.O.M. said...

Congrats!!!!Stick with it. I love the "man up" saying. I might have to adopt that one over here.

Morgan said...

Congrats on a great race girly! It's always awesome to blow your expectations out of the water on your first race and now that you know what you're capable of the sky is the limit! Welcome to the running club! :)

jodi.curl said...

I am so proud of you and still in shock that this is the same person I knew 10 years ago! Good thing you have pics as proof! Glad to hear you are going to be in Chi! I will cheer you on from the sidelines (hint hint) 34886