Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ayden Joe!

How I can hardly believe that you are 7 years old today!!! It seems like just yesterday I was telling everyone that you had to be out before 8:00 so that I could watch American Idol...and you arrived at 5:54pm...and our first tv moment was that night watching Ruben and Clay make it to the final two!
As a toddler, you were a handful. Strong willed, independent, but always loving and always had a hug or kiss for those who were around you!

And then before I knew it, you were three then four...learning how to ride a bike, off to preschool and even though I know you will hate me for it someday, I made you take a dance class. I told EVERYONE how much it would help your coordination and that when you had the quickest feet on the football field, they would understand!

You keep amazing me everyday with the things you learn. You love to fish and play outdoors. You love basketball, baseball and beg daily for me to sign you up for football! You are becoming quite the reader and always entertain us with bedtime stories! You are the most amazing big brother. You love your brother and sister and are always the first to defend and protect them.

We call you Sammy Suitcase because if you had your choice you would spend the night somewhere EVERYNIGHT! You also love to help grandma with yard work and are obsessed with power tools!

It's been amazing watching you grow. Challenging at times, but it's always been worth it. I love you more everyday...and please quit wishing to be 16 because before you know it, you will be!
I love you monkey!


the dawn said...

What a beautiful tribute to your little man! Love the picture of the dance recital! That one will be entertainment for years to come :) said...

ahhhh TEARS!!!

Happy Bday Ayden!