Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had an amazing Easter! It helps that the weather was soooo amazing! Since Davan had to older two monkeys for the weekend, I let them hunt their baskets on Sat morning. We colored eggs on Friday since I had the day off, and they turned out adorable! Ayden made the sweetest egg that said "I love you momma."
On Sunday, Jack "hunted" his basket and we went to dinner at my nanna and bompa's house. We had super yummy tri-tip and potato salad and ranch much goodness!!! Jack LOVES jelly beans, although he tries to stuff the ENTIRE basket into his mouth...and he's also obessed with chocolate! I have to hide it now so he will eat his dinner! So funny! Hope everyone had a great Easter, too! Thank you to grandpa Peterson and his family in Colorado for the fun Easter Package!

Love to you all!

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